Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Memories of the Best Christmas Ever - January 5, 2015

Don't have much time to write today as I am trying to get a few things in order for returning to school. So here is a recap in pictures of our awesome Christmas morning deliveries throughout our area. Hermana Moron and I along with Elders Harris and Hernandez delivered little gifts on Christmas morning to families in our branch as well as investigators.  Just little things people from home sent for us to hand out to share a little Christmas cheer.  We had matchbox cars for the boys and candies then "Frozen" things for the girls; bracelets, hair accessories, jump ropes, etc. Thanks again to all those who contributed little gifts for the children and white shirts and ties for the young men and boys.  Most have never had one before as only our Branch President and one other member even own a white shirt.  We even had the Elders teach a class on tie tying as most have never worn a tie and didn't know how to tie it.  We are still practicing this...Needless to say it was THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!

Hermanas Johnson and Moron with Elders Harris and Hernandez in the mototaxi heading out Christmas morning to make their Christmas deliveries

We gave the little kids a package of "Pop Rocks"with their gifts.  This darling little girl put them in her mouth and got so afraid saying "There are fireworks in my mouth!"  We told her "It's alright it's candy and it won't hurt you"  then she calmed right down and ate 3 packages of them!
Whenever I refer to a "taxi" it is actually a "mototaxi". They carry 4 passengers besides the driver and we use them when we need to go somewhere very far or get somewhere very quickly.  They are tiny and make for a bumpy ride especially when they drive on the cobblestone.  It feels like you are riding on the "Indiana Jones Ride" at Disneyland!

Look how excited they are with their little bags of matchbox cars we dropped off.

So much joy in spreading Christmas cheer!
One of my precious primary children in his new white shirt and tie.  How handsome is he?!
We don't get snow here but who doesn't love a little "Frozen"?
Look at this beautiful Christmas feast provided by the Hernandez Family. Tamales and chow mein (I know it sounds like a strange combination but it was really delicious!  A wonderful ending to a wonderful Christmas Day.  How grateful I am for the kindness, generosity and love of these sweet people!
 Hope 2015 is getting off to a great start!

Hermana Johnson

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