Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Last Transfer in the Mission Field - January 12, 2015
Hiking up the steep trail to our Branch President's home.  Remember we live in the mountains here.

Visiting our Relief Society President and her husband at their home.

Look how colorful the cemetery is here!

Sorry I don't write you people much these days.  I am busy getting things ready for college, since I have to go back to normal life soon.  For your information, I had transfers.  My last ever in the mission field. I am still in Copan ruins of course, and my new companion is Hermana Virula from Guatemala.  She has 11 months in the mission.  She will be my very last companion. It was kind of crazy, cuz here they advise us on Saturday instead of Monday night whether we have changes since we live so far away from everything we need extra time to prepare and travel.  So on Saturday they told me and Hermana Moron, "No one has changes, it looks like you'll both be finishing your missions over in the ruins"... but then on Monday they called at like 3 or 4 in the afternoon to say," Hey sisters, the assistants made a mistake, Hermana Moron does in fact have changes!" So then our relaxing souvenir shopping day turned into a hectic get her all packed and clothes washed and souvenirs bought nightmare. Cuz  then the very next day at 8a.m. we were off to La Entrada where we stayed the night and then she went away to San Pedro, and I came back with my new comp.  It was pretty eventful.

Hermana Johnson doing laundry the old fashioned way

My new companion seems great.   She's sweet and easygoing enough. Today we got lots done.  We went shopping, ate lunch,  and washed clothes.Speaking of which....remember when I first arrived here in this new area I was so excited because there was a washer and dryer available for us to use...the first one I had seen my entire mission!  Well, that didn't really work out.  We came to discover the landlord charges by the pound to wash your clothes and clothes weigh a lot!  So we couldn't afford to pay by the pound to wash our clothes so we never got to use the washer or dryer one time!  Darn!  I will just have to wait for that luxury when I get back home. 
Love You All,
Hermana Johnson

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