Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas - December 15, 2014

We don't have any time to write today because we went to the Parrot Farm today.  It's a famous exotic bird park here in Copan with all kinds of cool exotic birds besides parrots and tucans.

We made it back to our apartment safe and sound!

Look what was waiting for my companion and I when we arrived at the Mission Home for the Christmas party!! Seven packages from home!!  Giant thank you's to Uncle Dave, Grandma, Janet, and you!  I got all the darling toys everyone sent for the children here in Copan for Christmas as well as the white dress shirts and ties for the boys and men.  This Christmas is going to be so very special!  I am so excited to see their faces on Christmas.  I loved the story about you and Jann finding the toy cars after you had prayed for help.  Tell everyone thanks so much!  Now the trick was to transport all the packages from San Pedro Sula back to our apartment in Copan.  My companion and I had to hand carry them.  That's like from our house in Utah all the way to Las Vegas on windy mountain roads. We made it though and everything arrived in one piece...that is after several bus and taxi rides.

Hermana Moron and me at the mission Christmas party in San Pedro Sula

I took Ox on the trip and used him as a pillow since there wasn't room to pack my pillow with me.  Hermana Gardner and me with our Christmas antlers.

More of the Hermanas and I celebrating at the Mission Christmas Party
Hermana Gardner and I with President and Sister Dester
Hermana Moron and Elder Hernandez from Columbia making decorations for our branch Christmas Party
We had an activity for the primary children to make decorations for the branch Christmas Party.  Everything turned out so darling!

Visiting the Parrot Farm today in Copan

Unfortunately, one of the parrots got a hold of the brand new shirt you sent me and ate a few holes in it!

What a great P-day today with our district enjoying the beautiful birds in the bird park!

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