Monday, December 15, 2014

Loving Puerto Cortes - October 20, 2014

This week was pretty alright.  There were some disappointments, but wonderful things happened as well.  Of course I've been worried about how all you people have been and how our family is doing with Nana's passing, but from what you sent it seems like it was a pretty peaceful week and that things went alright in California.  I'm glad the family could be together for a little bit.  It seems like the services went nicely, and I like the boys' matching ties.

Nana's boys after her funeral
As for transfers, I got to stay here with Hermana Mejia!  You all guessed right.  I'm glad I get to have more time with her because we are great buddies.  We were very disappointed though that Elder Melendez, our super awesome zone leader who serves here in our ward, has gone home as he finished his two years.  Elder Melendez and Elder Alonso were the greatest zone leaders I've ever had, and they were always there helping us with all the activities and the four of us really just felt like real brothers and sisters in the Lord's work.  This past transfer really was spectacular. 

The Fab Four working harder than ever in Honduras!
Lots of great things happened this week as well.  On Wednesday morning, we got to know an awesome lady just knocking on doors.  It was actually already time to head to our lunch appointment with a member, but we passed by the house and just felt that we needed to go right then, so we knocked on the door, and she let us in.  We told her about the restoration of the gospel, and when we told her about the story of Joseph Smith this lady just started to cry.  She said she felt something so powerful, such a great peace, that she never wanted us to leave.  She said the day we first arrived was very strange.  She said that she normally wears her pajamas all morning to clean the house and then changes after lunch.  On that Wednesday her husband wanted her to go to with him to the grocery store, but she felt something holding her back and that she needed to be at home, and so she said she showered, got dressed early and just sat down waiting.  She felt that she really needed to wait for something grand, and that very day we knocked on her door.  We have only visited three times, but she has already been studying her Book of Mormon and has committed to give up smoking and wants to go to church and everything.  She says she feels so much peace, and cries every single time we go to her house from the spirit.  We even got to know her husband this week, and he understands everything perfectly as well.  It was so amazing.  
When I leave her house, we feel like we are floating on a cloud because the spirit is so real and so strong, and she is just so well prepared by the Lord.  For people like her, we can walk all day and have everyone slam the door in our face and walk through ran and mud and jungles, and it's all totally worth it just to feel that perfect peace and happiness that only the true restored gospel of Jesus Christ can bring someone.  She says just to see our face fills her with joy and peace, so that gives me even more pressure to be a bit more perfect each day, because there are so many people watching our example as missionaries and as members as well of the Lord's church.  I feel so happy.

Thanks for all your love and support.  Happy birthday to Uncle Dave!
Hermana Johnson

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