Monday, December 22, 2014

Hermana Wong is Home! - November 3, 2014

Hey shout out to Mindy!  Congrats on completing your 18 months of service!  That is so spectacular.  She will continue being an excellent missionary at home as well, as she always has had a testimony and a light to share with everyone.  Good job mom, Kristy, and Rhonda for getting the house ready for sweet Sister Wong.  Too cool!

Hermana Mindy Wong returns home!
Ryan is happy to see his baby sister!

Oh happy day!  Hermana Wong is coming home today and three are getting the yellow ribbons ready!
Hey, good lookin pics of Molly from halloween!  She fits the part PERFECTLY.  I actually have seen Frozen.  We watched it at a ward activity last year believe it or not.  It´s pretty alright.  Even Molly´s braid was done to perfection.

Elise or should we say Elsa has the Frozen fever for Halloween
 I celebrated Halloween this year by buying a new pair of rain boots.  Winter has officially arrived here in Puerto Cortes!  And it is rain, rain, rain and more rain.  Puerto Cortes really is just one big swamp.  All the houses have to be built up on high stilts so that when it rains it doesn´t fill the house up with water.  But Saturday it rained so terribly that the water got up waist high in some parts. We were in the town center, and it was a massive river where the streets should be.  The elders literally had to go swimming to get to some of their appointments.  Now that´s dedication.  I would be too nervous to go swimming in that dirty water.  Many houses flooded with water as well.  In front of our apartment, the yard is covered a foot deep in water.  We can´t leave the house without putting our rain boots on.  With all the water, the snakes are coming out more than ever.  Tons of water snakes in the street.  One must take great caution where to step. ha ha ha  All the creepy critters are seeking refuge in my house.  Just this week we found two scorpions in the house.  We sweep the house every single day to try to keep the critters under control.  It´s nice that it´s cool now, but almost no one came to church on Sunday because no one felt like swimming I suppose.  The other cool thing is that now that the streets have turned into rivers, I suppose the sea spilled into them a bit, so they are full of fish and sea snails, so that´s pretty cool.

Rain boots - one of the best purchases made on the mission
The only bad thing is that when it rains they shut off the water in the house that we use to bath, wash the dishes, etc.  So we are back to bucket showers these days.  Lots of Halloween adventures.  We even found a street here in Puerto Cortes that celebrates Halloween.  They decorate their houses and send their kids trick or treating and everything, but only in one block here (10 to 12 houses as I believe they all have family in the US that passed on the idea).  Cool right?  Although it´s odd because all the stores and supermarkets decorate for Halloween (put up pumpkins, spider webs and things), but no one here actually celebrates it, except for one block of people.

Many times when the Spirit whispers to us, it gives us some really weird ideas.  Like this past week, we are visiting a less active family that has a teenage boy named Marco, who is 17 years old.  We go to visit the entire family, but Marco doesn´t pay us a whole lot of attention, and sometimes even tries to hide from us, or so we thought.  Well we prayed to know how to help Marco come back to the church and help him understand why the gospel is so important.  Marco is a super fan of Naruto, the anime, and so we felt the idea that we should teach him the plan of salvation comparing it to Naruto.  I thought that was the weirdest impression from the Spirit ever, but when I talked to Hermana Mejia about it, we felt it was the thing to do.  So Hermana Mejia then told me that before her mission she was also a super fan of Naruto, and so much so that she had even brought DVDs and playing cards with her on her mission.  I was totally shocked because she´s so obedient and hardworking.  She said after two months in the mission field she decided to leave it all behind and threw it all out because she couldn´t feel the Spirit knowing she was disobeying, so she doesn´t have that issue anymore.  So she spent all morning teaching me about Naruto and how we could compare it with the plan of salvation.  We even made him a Naruto themed poster with a list of the blessings one receives for going to church.  Well it totally worked because now he sits in the house waiting for us to arrive and pays attention in the lessons.  He liked his poster so much that he called us to thank us for it, and it is hanging up in his room.  The Spirit really acts in mysterious ways sometimes, and really God puts the missionaries He needs right in the place He needs them to be, because only Hermana Mejia would´ve been able to understand Marco´s likes and tastes to be able to relate them to the gospel and help him understand why it´s so important.  

Well anyways, lots of adventures here for Halloween.  I hope you all have an awesome week!  Love you lots!

Hermana Johnson          

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