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Happy Halloween! - October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween from Honduras!
I am very proud to say I have wonderful parents who have been happily married for 29 years now. (Wow, that makes you people sound super old.  Just kidding!)  Way to keep the flame alive! 

Visiting the Omoa Castle for the 5,000th time.  (ha ha)  Believe it or not, Hermana Mejia had never been there before.
No, but really it is something worth celebrating.  Marriage is ordained of God.  I spend all day begging people to get married to comply with the commandments God has given us, because I know from the thousands of people I have visited that it leads to a more stable, happier, and united family.  Couples just living together is very challenging for me.  Why would anyone want to live like that?  That is probably the least romantic offer ever.... "Hey baby, now that we´ve been dating for a while, would you like to come live with me in my apartment?  You know, see how it goes for a while, who knows what´ll happen tomorrow."  Silly people, and somehow they think by that zero compromise, no catches here, what´s mine is mine, and what yours is yours will lead them to be happier.   

On the other hand, there is the offer of "Hey, would you like to be my eternal companion?"  Now that´s romantic!  Someone that no matter what happens good or bad, will always be by your side to support and love you for always.  Way to go mom and dad!

I am very, very grateful that my parents have set that good example of marriage first, family later, and that not only were they legally married, but they were sealed for all the eternities in the holy temple, so that our family can be together forever.  Now if that´s not worth celebrating, I don´t know what is.

Mom and dad are a great pair that complement each other super well.  You are both hardworking, loving parents that are willing to sacrifice everything for our family.  Thank you for the love and support you have always given me and continue to give me and for putting family before all, as that is just how our Heavenly Father wants it.  I couldn´t have asked for better parents in all the world.       

Way to go Molly for decorating the house for the anniversary. 

Speaking of decorations, I got two super fabulous Halloween packages this week.  One from Uncle Darren and one from Mom and Dad.  My apartment is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, stunning in fact.  We decorated our bedroom and our kitchen and still had left over decorations, so we gave some to the elders.   We put up the purple lights in the bedroom, threw spider webs all over, and put up pumpkins and the beware tape on the door.  At night we just sit in the dark for a few minutes looking at the lights, and we just feel so peaceful.  I feel right at home, because we all know how psyched mom gets for Halloween.  We have thoroughly enjoyed all the candy, and we´ll start giving all the Halloween toys Darren sent on Halloween day.  Whooooooooooooooo!

Our apartment all decked out for Halloween

Our bedroom looking spooky for Halloween
I love you all!  Have a wonderful Halloween and send me pics of everyone in their costumes!  
Hermana Johnson

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