Sunday, December 28, 2014

All I Want for Christmas - November 10, 2014

Everyone´s been asking what I want for Christmas this year.  Well I don´t really have great need of anything because I don´t really have that much time left.  But it would be wonderful if you could send things like ties and white shirts for boys and skirts for girls for the members and investigators we have.  That would be the very greatest Christmas present of all for everyone.  Little toys (cars, Barbies, or beanie babies) would also be wonderful.  It doesn´t matter if they are used or new, just anything you think would make a little kid´s day.  Just to make this Christmas special for them.

My favorite bakery in all of Honduras!  Enjoying my favorite cinnamon cookies and mango smoothie.  Yum!!
Congrats to Elise for getting her young women´s medallion!  Whooooooo!  And for getting a cute date for preference!  When is preference?  Be sure to send lots of pictures in her cute dress, of her date and everything.  I wish I could be there to go help pick it out!  Well, there´s always next year!

This week I heard the most darling story from our stake patriarch. We are very lucky to have the patriarch here in our ward.  He said when he was receiving the missionary lessons, the elders taught his family the law of chastity.  So he went right ahead and asked his wife to marry him.  Well the Honduran people just don´t like to get hitched for some reason.  It is extremely rare to find a legally married couple.  You can go find an old grandpa on the street that has been with the mother of his children 60 years, but if you speak of marriage, he´ll say, "No no no, I feel I just need to get to know her a little bit more before making such a big commitment."  Anyway, the patriarch´s wife said no, and so he begged her and begged her every day for eight months to marry him to be able to live the commandments of God and have their family be baptized as members of the true church.  After eight months she still said no. So he packed up his bags, and said to his wife, "My dear, I love my children, I love my Heavenly Father, and I love you, and for that very reason, today I´m leaving you."  And he walked out with all his things to live in a nearby neighborhood, still supporting his family financially of course.  He just so desired to be obedient to the Lord´s commandments that he no longer could stay in the same house with his wife until they were legally married.  He was baptized a member of the church one week later.  He was willing to give up everything for his testimony of the restored gospel.  One month later his wife called him up on the phone, and said, "honey, let´s go get hitched."  And so they were married very shortly after that.  And one year after they were sealed for time and all eternity in the temple.  One would never ever know of their difficulties as the patriarch and his wife are the most darling, loving couple, and the Spirit is so strong in their home it is almost like being in the temple.  The patriarch said, "It is not always easy to be a member of this church.  There will be moments when we feel we are unfairly losing everything, but if we are patient and wait, we will be lucky enough to see all the grand blessings our Father in Heaven has in store."  Obedience is always better.  Always. 

Our neighbor's dog, Simba.  We are feeding him tamales because he is a pretty fierce guard dog (aka bites people).  But if you feed him every once in a while, he is your friend. He is sick and very thin because his little body is full of ticks.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!  I love you all!

Sincerely, Hermana Johnson

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