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It's Snake Season! - September 29, 2014

I loved the pictures you sent of  the "Highland 5" gang "Walking for the Cure" for Diabetes!  How cool is that?!  Count me in for next year!!  We have such a great and supportive ward family.

Walking for the Cure for diabetes with the Highland 5 and their supportive families and friends
This week was a bit more tiring than others for the missionaries of Puerto Cortes.  Hermana Mejia was getting pretty stressed out because we had walked around all day long yesterday and only one person had received us.  She got so tired she just sat down in the street and didn't want to keep walking.  That's very unlike her because she's super duper hardworking, but this week idk no one's been home. So I just told her we'd go to one more house and sure enough they recieved us and we got to give them a Book of Mormon and schedule another appointment.  There's always one more door to knock on, and if you endure to the end of the day Heavenly Father will always send you blessings.

Hermana Mejia and I have given up Coca Cola.  Let me tell you, people here give the missionaries so much soda pop, especially coca cola because we can't drink the water that I have become totally addicted.  If I don't drink soda even for one day I get a terrible headache and just don't have any energy.  It is awful.  So this week we went to visit our investigator who is totally addicted to coffee, so as we taught the word of wisdom she got pretty disappointed.  So  I felt the impression to give up Coca Cola myself, and Hermana Mejia hopped on board with that.  We told our investigator if she gave up coffee, we would give up Coca Cola, and we could support each other in that.  She totally got excited after that and is ready to give up coffee.  The Holy Ghost gives some ideas that seem so odd sometimes, but if we follow through with what He is telling us it always works out so darn well in the end.  Idk if the Holy Ghost wants me to give up Coca Cola for just right now or for my whole life.  I am undecided myself on the subject because I really love Coca Cola, but we shall see what happens.  For right now I will no longer be drinking it.  Look dad I'm one of those crazy Mormon people like you now that doesn't drink Coke. Ha ha ha.
Reserved parking sign for pregnant women - wanted to share it because it made me smile!
We got to go watch the Women's General Conference on Saturday night so that totally made our entire week.  It was spectacular! Highlights for me... obviously the cute Korean girls singing, Hermana Mejia and I were totally beaming.  Also Elder Uchtdorf's talk was amazing.  He really got pretty direct there, but that's just how I like it.  Now I know I have lots to change.  For those who weren't present, he talked about how our Father in Heaven doesn't care if you've got great hair and nice nails, if you've got tons of friends on Facebook, or followers on Twitter.  He said "Cease with your self centered priorities and unworthy desires.  There are far more important things.  Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and recognize who you really are as a daughter of God and stop being so darn worldly and judgemental."  It was pretty powerful.  I want the Ensign of General Conference to come already so I can read it over and over again because I  just love it when Elder Uchtdorf talks.  Also super pumped for the Prophet of course, and Elder Holland as always, and for my hero, Henry B. Eyring.  I could listen to Elder Eyring all day.  He's just too cool.  

Hermanas Mejia, Johnson and Gardner at the mission president's home for a special Sisters Conference
Snake season continues this week in Puerto Cortes, as the large reptiles spotted in the street this week was up to 6.  

Also we are visiting a less active who is very sick with cancer.  She feels so terrified and uncertain so we invited the elders to give her a blessing.  The spirit was so strong as Elder Alonso before the blessing talked about the power of the atonement and how his own mom had had cancer 5 years ago and just put her trust in Heavenly Father and told Him His will be done and not hers.  She ended up living.  We all felt very impressed that she would survive her disease, but that she as well needed to be obedient to the laws of God and faithful in all her doctor's appointments and treatments and such. 

As Elder Melendez gave the blessing he promised she would live as long as she did her part as well to follow Heavenly Father and His commandments.  And yet as we passed by for her, she didn't want to come to church on Sunday.  She doesn't want to go to her doctor's appointments, and she has made up in her head that she is going to die as the same cancer killed her sister 3 years earlier.  I felt so frustrated with her because there are so many people that fight for their lives and have lost against cancer.  But she just wants to give up.  Heavenly Father has His perfect plan that we don't know.  He knows when we are needed here and when it is our time to go, and what a blessing she was given to know that she was going to be allowed to live, to see her children grow up, to have the strength once more to run, to grow out her hair anew.  The Lord Himself was present in that room when that priesthood blessing was given, and she was promised all those blessings.... in accordance to obedience and diligence to her doctors, and above all to her God. 

All I can think of when I think of her is the scripture that says,"And I the Lord God am bound when you do what I say, but when you do not what I say, ye have no promise."   It reminds me of the talk Uchtdorf gave when he said, that we are constantly receiving blessings from our Heavenly Father, as rain that comes falling from the heavens.  Our own doubts and fears are what put up the umbrella that block us from receiving those blessings  He so generously is pouring upon us.  Let us not forgot the promises our Father in Heaven has made that we may not fall into the fear and darkness where Satan constantly invites.  When the Lord speaks to us, may we actually be found listening, and then acting according to what He has to say.  We shall visit one more time this week to invite her to conference, as she does have many afflictions.  Her burdens are not few, but she can choose to carry them all alone or have the Savior carry every last one for her, and as of right now she is choosing the earlier and it is overwhelming her quickly.  

Enjoy conference this week.  I testify that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet called of God, as well as the 12 apostles, and I know the messages they will share are coming directly from our Heavenly Father.  May we give heed to what he is going to say and realize how very blessed we are to have a living prophet today that leads and guides us, who communicates directly with our Savior that we may have all the blessings our Heavenly Father wants us to have.

I love you always!

Hermana Johnson

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