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General Conference Was Amazing! - October 6, 2014

I am somewhat offended that Dad in his letter took a few lines to explain to me exactly what the Heisman Trophy is.  I am perfectly aware of what the Heisman Trophy is!  I am not that oblivious to the world of sports, even after a year of being in Honduras, thank you very much.   Wasn´t General Conference the greatest thing that happened all week long?  I would say YES.  We had 9 investigators present.  Which for Puerto Cortes is a pretty big success.  One of our investigators, the aunt of the siamese twins that sadly just passed away, liked conference so much that afterwards she said, "It´s over already!  That was way too little.  I just feel so much peace after that."  She was there for the Sunday morning session and afterwards she ran home to send her daughter to conference as well, she was like "You´ve got to see this too!"  So we were pretty happy that all went well.  

Out proselyting in the STREET?! (Still rainy season . . .)
Sad news about our investigator from the disappearing house.... we went to visit her on Sunday after conference, around 5 but no one came to answer the door or anything so we just kept on walking to other places, but 10 minutes after she sends us a message that she could no longer receive us in her home because she was from a Christian background and wanted to continue in her old church as she felt our ideas were just too different. I am feeling frustrated.  It is obvious that she felt the spirit when we were in her home.  She prayed that God would send her to the true church, and that very day God sent us to her house and nobody else.... I´m not sure it could get more direct than that.  What happens is she´s got her sister that goes to another church that tells her all the silly Mormon rumors and this is usually what happens with so many we visit.  Also she´s living with someone she´s not married to and doesn´t want anyone telling her that marriage is ordained of God.  We go to the house and have an awesome visit and the spirit´s super strong and people are totally pumped to go to church and read the Book of Mormon, and then the very next day people from their old churches come to visit, that haven´t visited in YEARS.  We once knew a lady that hadn´t gone to her evangelical church in 5 years and in that time no one had come to visit or invite her to anything, and we arrive and they see us there and the very next day send someone to visit.   Then the lady the next time we go tells us, hey, my old church invited me to a party this weekend so I´m going to go back with them, thanks for visiting, but you guys just have to many rules.   what?!  A God that requires nothing of His children to return to His presence is a God that DOESN´T EXIST.  I´ve just gotten a little bit frustrated this week. 
And I feel so sad when people say," Hermanas I can´t accept your ideas because I come from a Christian background" What?! The name of the church is The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, and if you don´t think the Book of Mormon talks about Jesus Christ it´s because they´ve obviously never read it.  No one can read the Book of Mormon and say the Mormons are not Christians. We invite everyone to come and see for themselves. We invite them to church, to read the Book of Mormon and then to pray to our Father in Heaven if what they are reading is true.  I beg of everyone who really wants to know the truth if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if this really is Christ´s church on the earth today to ask our Heavenly Father.  

The following describes how to take a shower in the winter in Honduras:

Put on rain boots
Go out back to pila (outdoor sink-like basin)


Take Simba with you to protect against all evil!  Fill up large bucket with COLD water (there is no such thing as hot water here)!  Return to apartment and enjoy!
When we had interviews with President Dester 2 weeks ago, I asked him about this topic.  What should we do or say when we´ve really felt the spirit with people and they´ve read the Book of Mormon and even gone to church and then out of the blue someone tells them some rumor, and they tell us they never want to see us ever again?  Because really it´s an issue here.  The biggest challenge we are facing here in Puerto because there are so many churches.  A different one on every street corner.  President asked me what we´d been doing so far.... we told him we always invite people to keep on reading their Book of Mormon and praying for an answer and that they´re always invited to church when they feel the desire to go but then we never go back because they´ve told us not to.  Then President Dester surprised me because he was like," you know what, not with everyone, but with those whom you have really felt the spirit strongly, go back every once in a while just to see how they´re doing, and if they keep reading, and tell them how much you love them and that the church is still true, and always has been... and someday they will come."  Sure enough this week we went with a lady with whom passed a situation very similar, and we just stopped to give her a little invitation to conference, nothing more and she said she´s been studying her Book of Mormon lots still and that she really likes it... though she says she will keep going to her Catholic church... the Book of Mormon works miracles and will work while we´re away, and someday she too can come to a knowledge of the truth.  

The good news is Hermana Diana will be getting baptized this Saturday at 5·30 Whoooooo!!!!!! She loved conference as well.  She told us it just confirmed everything for her and that she couldn´t wait to get baptized.  And just this week when we went to teach about tithing, she told us that she had always paid tithing in her old church and that she felt such an emptiness and just so terrible without the ability to do it that she felt so blessed to have the opportunity to give 10% of all she has to the Lord and feel those blessings He has for her.  How cool is that when an investigator asks you if they can have the privilege of paying tithing?  WHAT?!  Very good way to end the week.  

Thanks so much for all your love and support!  Got a package from Mark and Susan´s family this week!  Thank you so, so very much.  Loved all the pictures Addi, Emma and Ashtyn drew for me. They are up on my wall in my apartment.  And the bracelets Addi made were super darling.  We gave them to lots of kids at conference and they loved it.  My comp and I chose one for ourselves as well because they are just too cool.  We had to have one too.  All the missionaries here in Puerto Cortes greatly appreciated the treats sent as well as some of our members.  I´ll send pics real soon.  Thanks so so so much!

Much love

Hermana Johnson    

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