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Happy Honduran Independence Day! - September 22, 2014

That´s so cool for all you people that got to be there for Hunter´s big night to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood.  It sounds like it was pretty special.  If only I could be in two places at once.  Hermana Mejia and I are doing super great.  We have a wonderful investigator that is progressing incredibly.  Her name is Diana, and she was once a missionary for the Iglesia Evangelica for three years, but for a few personal matters she left.  She never stopped believing in Christ and studying the Bible and praying though she wasn´t attending, and got a job with someone who is a member of the church here in Puerto Cortes.  Her brother passed away around a month ago, and the members that she works with took her on a trip to the temple, and while there she felt like her brother was there with her and that everything was okay with him.  Her brother was never a religious person in this life, but she says now after knowing about the Plan of Salvation that she feels there are in fact angels teaching him, and she feels a great peace unlike ever before.  At church she´s like our third companion as she bothers the other investigators so they stay the whole three hours and go to all the activities, and asks them if they are reading their Book of Mormon.   Her baptismal date right now is set for Oct. 11, and we feel that General Conference will be the cherry on top of it all to help her testimony even more.  General Conference in the mission field is more epic than the Super Bowl or March Madness.  It is grander than the Olympics and it is going to be so, so wonderful. 
It´s actually pretty disappointing that it will be my last General Conference as a missionary, because as a missionary you just try to apply it to every single person you are visiting and the spirit is just especially strong, as others sitting at my side realize for the very first time that the men that are speaking really are prophets and apostles called of God and they cannot deny it.  You can always put your money on the prophet.  So we´ll be going super out of our way to drag people to church just two weeks from now.  

In other news.... Yes Satan is strong these days as the Hermana from the disappearing house is sick with Dengue fever, and so we haven´t been able to visit her again.  

Also this week we had some fun activities in our ward.  Since it was Independence Day this week in Honduras (15 of September), we had an activity celebrating the cultures and independence of all the countries of Central America with food and the typical clothing of each country.  The members actually got super into it and a ton of people came.  Each room in the building was decorated for a different country.... and some how we got roped into decorating.  On Sunday the Elders Quorum says to the elders, hey what organization do you belong to in the church? and they were like uhhhhh, the Elders Quorum we suppose, so they put them in charge of decorating a room for Costa Rica, and then they call us and say hermanas we don´t know how to decorate and begged us to help them and bought us smoothies so we agreed, and all day Friday we were busy decorating for Costa Rica.  But it was all worth it as we had a new investigator and her sister come to the activity with all their cute little kids. 
Celebrating the Cultures of Central America at our ward activity

Making papusas from El Salvador to celebrate the cultures of Central America
They have so many challenges in their lives it is amazing they can even function.  He husband died just a month ago from cancer, and her family is so poor after having to pay so many medical bills.  Her husband was not able to work, and they just make little pastries in their house and sell them to make a living.  Her sister that is living with her just gave birth to Siamese twins about 20 days ago.  They are attached at the chest and stomach (idk if you´ve heard about that in the world wide news).  The doctors right now are saying that they share a heart so that they are going to have to separate them and one is going to have to die.  Their poor mom has to go every single day all the way to San Pedro, two hours from here to nurse them, and that´s all she does all day every day.  Make pastries all morning, take the bus up to San Pedro to see her little girls without any idea of what´s going to happen next with them.  And yet, they stay surprisingly positive and are so hardworking and so very prepared to hear the gospel.  There is nothing that can bring more peace.  It is amazing to me how the gospel applies to everyone.  There is no one it can not help.  It is so flawless and helps us to learn how to be with our families and our Heavenly Parents for all eternity.  It shows us who we truly are, and what we can become if we endure this moment well.  

Thanks so much for all your love and support.  Start writing down those questions and personal matters so all is ready for this General Conference!  It is an opportunity not to be missed!  Love you all!
Hermana Johnson

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