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Guess Who My New Companion Is? - September 8, 2014

Good news this week is that I have a new companion and guess who it is?  HERMANA MEJIA!! WHOOOO! One of my best buddies in the whole mission that lived with me in Potrerillos.  I was so happy because we are already good friends so the work is easy.  It doesn't feel like work at all now, just visiting with a friend and helping people.  We've already got the whole unity thing down.  We are of one mind and one spirit.   I never thought I would get so darn lucky.  I never imagined I'd get the chance to be her companion, but here we are and I'm loving it.  The funny story is now Hermana Gardner is with Hermana Luna, so we just did an old comp swap right there, and they are chillin out in Santa Rosa de Copan. Really they are chillin out because it is cold there.  Even better news, with rainy season, it's been cool all week here in Puerto Cortes as well.  Washing clothes has become a challenge, since we dry them outside and it's been raining every day, but we put up clotheslines inside the kitchen to have a "make it work moment".  
My fantastic zone before transfers!
Despite the fact that we had a flood, and the mission sent someone from pest control to all our houses, this week we still found cockroaches, a baby scorpion (those are actually pretty common here) and a gecko laid eggs in our house as well.  We could be a national park with all this wildlife.  

Today for Pday we had another beach day and ate lunch out at Beach Cineguita.  

We are currently teaching someone very special.  I can't remember if I've already spoken of her.... She is evangelica, and her brother passed away just two months ago.  She was very active in her church, leaving three days to preach every week for three and a half years like a half time missionary really. But one day in a church activity something bad happened to her and she stopped going.  She recently started working in a business that her boss is a member here, and he invited her to church and she has gone two times now and really likes it.  This big change is hard for her, but I know with time she will be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and will become a full time missionary to help others around the world.  She stopped going to her old church, but she always keeps her faith in Jesus Christ and the experience only strengthened the love she has for Him and her desire to follow Him always. 
Having a fun day at the beach
In other news, a story I really like that lots of people share around here in Honduras because they are all religious folk is about a man who went to get his haircut in the barbershop.  As this client was talking with the barber they started talking about religion and the barber says, no I don't really believe in God.  How is it possible that there is a God when there is so much evil in this world, with robbers and murderers and rapists?  So the client went ahead and paid the barber and went to the door to leave, and in front of the barbershop passed by a man who looked pretty scruffy, Duck Dynasty type, with a big beard and long hair like it hadn't been combed in months.  Well the client turns around to the barber and says, there's no such thing as barbers.  And the barber all confused says, how is that possible?  How can you say that when I just cut your hair for you?  Well the client says to him, well that is exactly how God feels about what you just said.  In the same way that that scruffy looking man didn't go looking for a barber, there are wicked men because they don't go looking for God.  Just because hairy, ungroomed men exist doesn't mean there are no such thing as barbers.  And just because there are murderers and thieves doesn't mean there isn't a God.  It just means there are a lot of people that don't seek out God in their lives, but if they did the world would be different... 

Tell Elise congrats on her driver license!!  Tell cousin Jason congrats on his new baby boy!  That's pretty darn exciting news.  

I love you and hope you are all well and happy!  

Thanks for all you do for me!

Hermana Johnson

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