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Another Miracle in Honduras - September 15, 2014

It has been a good week.  I have a great companion.  My mom sent me an awesome Hello Kitty themed package.   Bad news... it is now snake and tick season apparently.  We already found two baby snakes and three ticks in our house.  AND IT WAS CLEAN!!!  We sweep and mop and go crazy cleaning every Monday to keep out all these crazy animals and somehow they still find their way into our house.  The neighbor lady is like "yeah that´s perfectly normal for this time of year.  Just sweep them all outside with a broom and kill them with this."  And then she proceeded to lend us her sledgehammer ha ha ha.  

Loving my Hello Kitty package to share with all the sister missionaries!
Good news from this week.  We had a super awesome miracle this week. Wednesday was Día del Niño here in Honduras, aka Child´s Day, which is similar in popularity to Halloween as all the little kids put on typical Honduran clothing.  Then there are parades and everyone gives the kids candy to celebrate.  That´s the closest comparison I can make.  Anyway, we were super nervous to go out to visit because we thought today´s going to be absolutely terrible because everyone is going to be out celebrating, and so we are just going to have to walk around all day because no one is going to want to let us in their house. 

I shared my package with our zone leaders too!  The elders aren't as excited about Hello Kitty, but you can never go wrong with chocolate.
Or so we were thinking...  Reaching around 5 or 6 in the afternoon, we hadn´t had a ton of success as everyone was out celebrating, so we felt we should start heading towards the home of an elderly lady in the ward who had an operation and hasn´t been able to go to church for a few weeks.  As we were walking towards her house we saw a house that has these big cement walls around the yard that have always called our attention because they have this super cool purple paint job in big waves that just looks so neat.  Let me tell you, I have previously tried to contact this house when I was with Hermana Luna and we went up front to the gate and had searched and searched for a house and there had been NO house.  Just the big purple walls and a little dog house and nothing more.  Like nothing was there.  We literally had searched as hard as possible and there was NOTHING there!  Just the dog house.  And after Hermana Mejia had come we had walked by on another occasion but again we saw no house and they have a pretty fierce guard dog out front that pretty much scared us off because we weren´t sure if the gate was closed. 

Well, Wednesday it was so weird because we felt we should just stop by, but this time it was so weird because there was CLEARLY A HOUSE OUT BACK.  What?!  I have passed by this road a thousand times and searched and never, ever seen a house before.  Idk how it is possible that we missed that but as we yelled out front the lady and her daughter came to answer the door and let us in super friendly and nice, and the lady told us she had been praying that very day at like 3 in the morning, that God would guide her to the true church because she´s had a desire to unite herself to a church now for a long time, but she wanted it to be the right one and had been praying very fervently for that very thing and that very day we arrived at her house.  A house we had never before been able to see with our human eyes!  IDK how Heavenly Father pulled that one but somehow He made that house invisible to us until the very moment that we needed to arrive.  Everything is in His own way and His own time.  
The woman's daughter then proceeded to tell us that her mom had had a dream about a new book that God wanted her to have, which obviously was the Book of Mormon. WHAT?! And then in the closing prayer the daughter, age 11, asked us to pray that she could become a missionary like us someday.  WHAT?!  Talk about one prepared family for this gospel.  God really has been preparing them, and sent us there in the precise moment that we were needed.  That experience really just blew my mind.  I am still wondering how it is possible that I couldn´t see the house until now.... but wow, we were pretty darn excited to encounter such a family.

Today for Pday we had a fun time as we just played games with everyone in our zone.  We have great elders in our ward that are just too funny.  We work with Elder Melendez from El Salvador and Elder Alonso from Nicaragua.  This week we also had a service project as a zone that was a little sketchy...   We went up to a farm, but just to get to the farm we had to walk half an hour in the jungle. We even had a small river crossing because the path had been filled up by the rain like 5 feet deep it seemed.  Somebody had set out rice bags earlier in the day so we just had to hop from rice bag to rice bag.  Hermana Mejia and I and the Elders from our ward were put in charge of cleaning out the house of the family so we took all the furniture outside so we could clean everything.  There was literally like 2 or 3 inches of pure dirt in all the rooms.  You couldn't even see the tile.  We even encountered a few tarantulas.  We spent 3 hours just in the front room and didn´t even make it to the 2 bedrooms before we had to leave.  Because we were only there from 8 to 12, and the first hour we spent moving cinderblocks and then helped the sister make tortillas for her little kids.

Hermana Mejia walking on rice bags to cross the river.
The lady has had to wait like two years already and still can't be a member of the church because she needs to get married, but a very common problem here is that people mess up dates and names and things all the time on birth certificates and identification cards and such.  Well this sister is 21 but according to the year on her birth certificate she is only 17, and can´t get married until she completes 18, so still she is going to have to wait a full year more.  To fix such errors is extremely expensive so no one does it.  This problem is so ridiculously common here it would shock you.  ay ay ay  We just have way too many adventures here in Honduras, but we´re loving every minute of it.  Lots of great stories for the future grandkids.

I love you all!  Thanks for all your love and support and for sending such a nice package to me and my comps.  Super excited for the next General Conference!  It´s going to be super sweet to see everyone speaking in their own language.   

Love you much,

Hermana Johnson

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