Monday, September 29, 2014

We Had a Little Flood But It's All Good - September 1, 2014

This week had a lot of ups and a lot of downs.   Just yesterday for instance... the water went out around 8 am before we headed off for church.  Hermana Luna opened the faucet to check if there was water, and there wasn't, but then she accidentally forgot to turn the faucet off again.  And so it just so happened that while we were at church yesterday the water came back on and our entire house got flooded!  Normally after church we go eat lunch with a member and head out to visit, but we forgot a notebook so we had to run back after lunch. Thank heavens we forgot that notebook because if not it would've been a lot worse.  The whole house had about four or five inches of water. Darn!!
Hermana Luna and I at the beach on P-day.
 Unfortunately, the night before our hermana training leaders came and stayed the night.  There are two beds, but for some reason we have three mattresses.  We put the three mattresses on the floor in one giant bed for the four of us, and we left the mattresses on the floor planning to put them back in place Sunday night.  Unfortunately the flood got the mattresses.  Boooooo.   We left them out with the fan so they are dry now.  Since I live out of my suitcases, which are always on the ground, I had to wash EVERYTHING I OWN this morning so it wouldn't smell terrible.  That was a lot of work since we wash everything by hand as there are no washing machines or dyers.  The flood ruined every single card and letter I have ever received in my entire mission.  That was the only thing that really was a bummer. All my notes from companions, that my family gave me when I headed out, even some photos and  the copy of my patriarchal blessing were in a nice stack in one of my suitcases that I wanted to save forever, but they all got ruined.... the ink all ran together and nothing was even legible enough to be saved. Some of the ink ran and stained some clothes as well.  Sometimes things just get so hard and ridiculous you just have to laugh.

The cute lady that did our corn rows.  We are lookin' good!
But you know what?  As I was wading through the water, trying to sweep it out through the front door, I made a decision to not freak out and to not make my comp feel bad for leaving the water on.  I really felt the Spirit guiding me to just be calm and get to work cleaning.  If yelling won't make things better and can't fix what's been done, there's no point in doing it.  Even though I will honestly admit I wanted to yell at her for being irresponsible or forgetful or whatever, I really just tried to take a step back and think will that make things better?  No obviously.  We were both a bit bummed at some of our things getting ruined, but you know Heavenly Father really sent angels out for me yesterday to persuade me to think first and to not be bummed out.  In spite of the fact that some really special things had been ruined, I really didn't feel that bad.  I didn't feel the weight of the things that got lost or ruined.  It just really came clear to me like never before that people are more important than things.  And saving my companionship and the relationship I have with Hermana Luna is far more important than an object, though it may be something special or sentimental.  My Heavenly Father will have all those cards fresh and perfect without a single stain awaiting me in the Celestial Kingdom if I keep my priorities straight and follow Him and no one else.  

I know yesterday could've been a day that could've saved or ruined my relationship with my companion forever.  Even though chances are we will be transferred this week, and I will probably never see her again in my entire life, except for maybe once in a while on Facebook since we are from different parts of the globe.  The most important thing is to always take care of Heavenly Father's children.  Hermana Luna has had enough bad thoughts about herself from her own head, she doesn't need it from me.  People are always more important than things.  And now all is dry and clean again and it feels like nothing happened.  We just took a few hours to sweep out all the water and put things in front of our fans yesterday, and now all is well.  The Holy Ghost is real and saved my friendship with my comp and taught me that it is not always necessary to be right.  You can be right and vengeful and angry, or you can be happy. You can face your trials alone, or you can face them with the Spirit and angels to uplift you.  Stay calm.  Any object, no matter its importance cannot go with you after this life, but the souls you encounter will exist forever and will remember you, and will remind you of how you treated them in this probational time be it for the best or for the worst.  

In other news... Elder Alonso of the Seventy came to visit us this week, so that was cool.  I always love going to zone conferences or when leaders come to visit, because it's always so special with all the missionaries.  It's the only chance I've got perhaps in my life to have those special opportunities. We'll see what else Heavenly Father has in store for me.  

I love you all very much and hope you are all doing great.  I thank you for your examples and your love and kindness towards me always.  Tell Hunter good luck with his roommates, and tell Molly good luck with Driver's Ed.  I hope everything goes awesome.   

Lots of love
Hermana Johnson

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  1. Wow Brie, so sorry for you and your companion having to loose all your special things and clean up a big mess. I love all the things you learned from it, especially how important people are and how we treat them in different situations. I never really thought about how all of us will take the relationships that we develop with each other into eternity. The soul truly is great in the eye of of the Lord and it's so important that we love one another as He loves us. You ate so wise. Sounds like you are doing so great despite the trials. Love you dearly Sister Johnson!