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So Blessed to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time! - August 4, 2014
Congrats to Miss Molly!  That´s so wonderful to hear she made the dance team! That´s why you should never ever give up, because you never know what you might be missing if you don´t take chances.  I am very sorry to hear that Juicy Couture will be coming to an end.  You´ll just have to go pick a new favorite brand I´m sorry to say...  I´ll let you know if I spot juicy knockoffs here in Honduras, so far no luck. 

Greetings Hermana Johnson from your family in Arizona
I´m a little jealous that I can´t be hanging out with the fam down in Arizona, but we can always go again next year.  I hope everyone is doing fabulous.  Things are going wonderful here in Puerto Cortes this week so I wouldn´t trade it for anything.  We really have been guided by the spirit this week.  You know, even if we have plans to do other things, Heavenly Father always makes it possible for us to arrive where He wants us to be in miraculous ways.  Every single Monday we visit Hermana Kimberly in her house at 6 because Monday is her only free day from work.  She´s always so happy to see us and sits just waiting for us to arrive, so when we went last Monday, we just expected her to be there of course, but for some strange reason she just wasn´t there.  And we thought how weird, she´s always there without fail, what could´ve happened?  Well, we felt the spirit strongly in that moment that we were needed in the house of a member, that we hadn´t actually planned for.   She´s been having a difficult time lately as her sister that lives in Mexico has been severely ill.  Well, we just went to share that small message on Monday and later we found out that Tuesday just one day after we had visited, her sister that was sick had passed away.  And Heavenly Father knowing that that was about to pass, sent us to her home today to help her out. 

That impacted her greatly as this past week we went to see how things were going, and she was just ridiculously strong despite those difficult circumstances and told how she shared the gospel and plan of salvation with her own mom that is not a member and was able to bring great comfort to her whole family.  She will now be caring for her sister´s three children who she left behind and is completely firm in her knowledge of Heavenly Father´s perfect plan for us and has no doubt that she will see her sister again.  She will respect her sister´s wish to care for her three children within this perfect gospel God has for us. 
On Wednesday we were quite distressed as not a single person was able to visit with us so our agenda was almost completely empty.  That´s the worst.  We had a feeling we should run by our recent convert´s  house to deliver the photos from her baptism and her sons' baptisms.  We had finally had time to go print photos on Monday so the spirit reminded us we needed to run those by on Wednesday.  Since it is the Holy Ghost that brings all things to our memory in the very moment we need it.  Well, we ran over to one sister's house only planning to drop by the photos and be on our way, but as we left them there we talked with her daughter and found out her mother was in pretty horrible shape.  She has diabetes but refuses to go to a doctor, and this day her sugar was terribly low so she was just in bad shape and her house and work were a mess, and so we spent all day long cleaning up the kitchen, the stove, the dishes, everything and then helped her add up the receipts and do the paperwork of her business as she has her own business selling jewelry.  She had been praying that someone would stop by her house to help her, and Heavenly Father had made it possible for us to do so as He left our agenda completely empty to have the power to spend the day with her and reminded us to take her those photos so we would be there in the precise moment she needed us.  It was quite spectacular.  Everything works out so perfectly in missionary life so that we end up where we are needed in the precise moment we need to be there, whether we are planning for it or not.          

Another thing... I feel like before I headed out on the mission in terms of basic gospel doctrine I was a complete idiot.  I thought I knew a few things but really...I hardly knew anything.  I have learned so very much.  I know the Bible and the Book of Mormon so much better.  I enjoy reading things like Jesus the Christ and Gospel Principles.  How ridiculous is that?  I actually look forward to those things.  I actually do not like when study time ends because I will have to wait an entire 24 hours more to be able to pick up the scriptures once more.  That´s not to say I know everything, there´s still a huge amount of things I´m lacking.  My ignorance far outweighs my knowledge. 

In a recent zone conference, we discussed that Joseph Smith was not the first or only prophet that restored the gospel.  There were several.  From the beginning, prophets who had to restore the gospel were Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Lehi, Jesus Christ, and Joseph Smith.  I have been studying each one of their lives to know what things were restored and lost in each of those dispensations.  We must be experts on the basic doctrine of the gospel to have the power to explain it in a more simplified, clear manner to those who are learning it for the first time.  I´ve been learning a ton.  Like how the Higher Melchizedek priesthood was taken from the earth after Moses for the disobedience of the people, and was not restored until the times of Jesus Christ, whereas the lesser Aaronic priesthood was still available to the children of men at that time.  And how in the times of Abraham, God has always wanted the ordination of the priesthood to be from father to son, but Abraham´s own father, Terah (I believe that´s how it is in English, correct me if that´s false) was off worshipping idols, the gods of the Egyptians, and so Abraham received the priesthood power from the high priest Melchizedek.  Abraham´s own father was so off track in his worship of idols that he tried to sacrifice his own son to those idols, but that just goes to show that no matter how crazy our own family may be, everything can work out in the end.  

God can prepare and call whomever He chooses to bring forth His work, as He did with Abraham, one of the most faithful righteous spirits that existed before the world was.  And one of the greatest examples of obedience this world has known.  

Our zone visiting the castle at Omoa.  Several parts of the castle were built from fossilized coral - Super Cool!

Omoa is a fortress built by the Spaniards in Honduras that was later taken over by pirates on several occasions.
Things are good here in Honduras.  We went to the beach in Omoa today for lunch and to the fortress there as a zone activity.  It was weird being there again after having gone some 9 months ago when I was serving in Campana.  We had a talent show in our ward on Friday... unfortunately we have huge problems with punctuality in this ward as it was meant to start at 6... and they didn´t get things going until 8!  We only got to see two acts and had to run home to be back at our designated hour.  booooooo especially since  Hermana Luna  and I spent two hours that day decorating to make it all beautiful for the talent show, and then we didn´t get to actually see the show.  Hermana Luna was so sad she started to cry.  I´m just happy we finally had an activity at last.

Also fun facts...  Hermana Mejia sent me news from my old area of Potrerillos, and said that one of our old investigators has finally decided to give up alcohol and will be baptized this Saturday.  Wow!  And Javier gave his testimony in a baptism that he knew the church was true with his whole heart.  Mauricio and Javier have received the priesthood and are passing the sacrament, and Anyely from Campana went to the temple for the first time to do baptisms this past month and is dating a returned missionary from the ward and still her mom makes lunch every Sunday for the missionaries.  I am so happy!!!!!!!! Such wonderful news.  Also, in case I didn´t tell you, another investigator's mom gave him permission to be baptized at last, last month.  Lots of miracles taking place.  I am so happy they are still progressing so much!

I love you all so very much, and hope this finds you happy and healthy and loving life and family.  Learn the scriptures and love them and new things can be revealed to us each and every day. 

Love Hermana Johnson

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