Monday, September 15, 2014

One Year in the Mission Field! - August 18, 2014
Yes I did get your 4th of July cards and old summer pics.  They were so beautiful and darling, I just loved it.  Sorry I forgot to mention they had come.   Everything is going well, thanks so much for always writing. I got a sweet card from Miss Molly this week and grandma as well, and Uncle Dave's package came with an entire year's worth of allergy meds included.  Wahoooo!
Congrats to Hunter going off to college!  I loved seeing all your first day of school pics.  He looks so handsome.    Tell the college girls to stay far, far away from our future missionary.  Yes... never have girls in the bedroom, and never have girls over later than 10 at night is what I say.  I'm so glad he was able to get his Patriarchal Blessing.  That sounds so nice. 
Meet the Johns, our wonderful senior missionaries who recently went home.  They were the ones who had the happy job of delivering our packages on Tuesdays.
Things are going well here in Honduras.  We have two investigators that went to church the very first time two Sundays ago.  They really liked it and all was well, but then when we went to visit on Tuesday, their mom said she didn't want them going to church with us because they had already been baptized in the Catholic church, and she did not want them attending anywhere else.   So we were pretty sad.  We'd been praying all week  that their mom would have a change of  heart.  We passed by on Friday to ask again and she said no, and we were like well there's probably no way they will go this Sunday, so let's just go with some members to visit next week so they can go the following Sunday.  We just thought it was going to be pretty impossible to change her mind because she was pretty firm.

After the Johns went home, things got a little behind in the mail room.  Happy mail day for the four sister missionaries living in our apartment!
On Saturday we were out visiting with a member and she was showing us where a less active member was living.  Well, on the way to visit the less active sister, we just happened to pass by the house of our two investigators, and the mom just happened to be out in the front yard.  Well, to our surprise the member with us runs up to their mom, and we found out that they are actually good buddies.  What?!  Well, the member we were doing visits with is pretty bold, so she was like, "So when are you going to go to church with me?"  The mom said, "Well you know I go to another church and that is where I'm going to stay."  The hermana who was with us asks, "Well would you at least let your daughters go with me this Sunday to get to know the church a little more?"  The mom said, "Well I  suppose that's alright.  Sure I'll give my permission, because if people like you go to that church, it can't be so bad."  And we were like WHATTTTT?!  That was way to easy Heavenly Father, but thanks so much!  We were totally lacking in faith, but God provided the means for the miracle to happen and sure enough, both girls were at church  Sunday, and all the messages were so perfectly directed at them it couldn't have been better.  We were so excited.  God really prepares a way for everyone to return to Him, always in His own time and in His own way.
So you know, Hermana Gardner is out of the hospital and back working hard as a missionary.  So happy our prayers were answered, and she is doing better. 

Thanks for all your love!  Thanks for helping me celebrate my one year anniversary of being a missionary!

Hermana Johnson

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