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Hermana Johnson - A Vampire?! - August 11, 2014

That is so awesome that Hunter went to a district meeting and then went out and about with the full-time missionaries in Mesa for a bit.  Even though I am a missionary and know how things go, I still get excited when I see other missionaries, like oh my gosh,  there goes a missionary!  Even though I have almost a full year of being one!  They are my fellow teammates after all, and I feel a great bond with them!  I´m glad things went well on your Arizona vacation.  Loved seeing all the pictures!  Sorry we got here so late again... I convinced Hermana Luna to get the Victoria Beckham bob haircut.... well, the hairdresser  just could not cut the v shape  and it just got shorter and shorter and Hermana Luna started getting worried because it was a pretty terrible looking haircut.... but in the end we gave up on Victoria Beckham and just did a nice round bob and it turned out great, but that took up an extra hour of our p-day ha ha ha.  But all is well here in Honduras. 

Hermana Luna's cute new haircut!
The past two Sundays have been rough as we haven´t had any investigators at all in church.  ZERO which is just shameful here in Central America, so we really prayed and worked hard and this past Sunday three new investigators came to church for the very first time!  Whoooooooooo!  Heavenly Father really blessed us, and this area really is starting to grow. 

Hermana Luna and I in a bit of a tight spot! JK - We're still at the fortress at Omoa.
In other news... tell Hunter to go watch those missionary videos.  The series is called "The District." Watch "The District 2," because the missionaries,  Elder Moreno and Elder Christensen, are the coolest.  My favorite thing from those videos is when Elder Moreno has his video journal at night, and he´s sitting there in his pajamas just looking exhausted and he says, "I don´t know why I´m so happy...... cuz I´m just so tired ALL the time."  That´s a pretty good sentence to sum up missionary life.  It almost amazes you how you can feel so much peace and be so happy, because really you are just tired, tired, tired all the time.  But Heavenly Father helps us forget that and gives us the strength to keep on preaching all the day through.  I love to watch those videos over and over again, so you people can watch them and just think of me.

My very beautiful new pants!  Expensive by Honduran standards - $12 U.S.- But I wanted them SO very much!
Also, funny story.... a lady stopped us one day in the street and tells us, "You are not living in reality."  And we were like "What?"  And she´s like, "You are living in great sin, God is not pleased with you."  And then proceeded to accuse me of being a vampire because I am white.  ha ha ha.  She even told me to go to a certain pharmacy and buy pills and everything.  She really believed I was a vampire?!

Well that´s it for this week.  I love you all. Even though you might all be considered as vampires in this part of the world.  

Hermana Johnson

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