Monday, August 25, 2014

My Prayer was Answered - July 21, 2014
Sorry I am not able to write much today.  We went to get corn rows done Honduran style on our hair today, and the lady came a whole hour late.  That´s just how things go in Honduras.   You know God really does send the Holy Ghost to lead and guide us and alert us when things are bad.  Because as I told you last week, last Sunday I had the most terrible feeling all day, and just couldn´t figure out why.  I felt that someone I loved was in trouble.  Remember how I asked in last week's e-mail home if everyone was alright because I just had a bad feeling that someone was not ok?  And you let me know that everyone back home was doing great.  Well, I was praying to find out who it was then and that I would be able to do something about it.  
Hermanas Johnson and Gardner first meeting as companions in the Mexico City Missionary Training Center - They hit it off immediately and were thrilled to be going to the same mission in Honduras together
Hermanas Johnson and Gardner the day they arrived in Honduras!
On Tuesday Hermana Luna and I had to go to the doctor.  As we were waiting in the doctor´s office, the mission nurse told me that Hermana Gardner was in the hospital with Dengue.  They said it had gotten so bad that she had started to bleed out of her nose.  It´s a terrible disease you get from mosquitoes and you can start bleeding out of your nose and ears if it´s really bad.  So that started on SUNDAY and they had to rush her immediately to the hospital from COPAN.  That´s the very farthest part of our mission, like 4 hours away.  It´s so far away, when missionaries are there they don´t receive the ruta.  Or rather, if someone from home sends a package or letter and the missionary is in Copan, they won´t receive anything until they are moved to another area.  It´s really tough.  So Hermana Gardner just happened to be in San Pedro in the hospital still so I was able to write her a card and buy her balloons to send with the nurse to take it to her.  Because when she´s better and goes back to Copan there´s nothing I can do.  Only emails because nothing arrives to that part of our mission.  They don´t even have district meetings or anything there.  You´re all on your own.  So Heavenly Father really answered my prayers to let me know who it was that was in trouble and to have the power to be able to do something for her.  It was really a miracle how it all worked out.  I have no idea how she is now, but I´m just grateful that Heavenly Father let things work out so perfectly.  

I love you all and know the Holy Ghost is there to guide us and that Heavenly Father always is there to listen to our prayers.

Hermana Johnson

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