Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Birthday America! - June 30, 2014
I have some missionary stats for you in case you were wondering. There are currently about 85000 missionaries worldwide. When President Dester arrived in July of last year, the San Pedro Sula West Mission was brand new and had 135 missionaries. In my mission currently, there are 218 missionaries, and of those, 66 have 3 months in the mission or less.  They told us this information when we attended a special conference with Elder Ochoa, the Area President for Central America with all the missionaries in the whole mission present. 

Cool bird wall in Santa Cruz
Shout out to mom, we took our pic with a woodpecker, which believe it or not we have those at our house as well!
It is always super special to have everyone together as that rarely happens.  Only 2 times since I´ve been here.  The apostle in charge of supervising the growth of Central America is Elder Cook.   Elder Cook says he wants to see many more baptisms in this part of the world, so Elder Ochoa spoke to us about the importance of helping others develop faith in Jesus Christ.  We as missionaries many times help our investigators develop faith in us... faith in us as we say good things, teach well, that we know the scriptures well, etc. but really what they need is faith in Jesus Christ.  All they need to know about us is that it was Him that sent us.  It shouldn´t matter to us if they even remember our names 10 years from now.  As long as they always remember the promise they make as they are baptized for now and the rest of their lives.  I really liked that as I feel like we as missionaries sometimes become afraid of offending people, as we want to be good friends with those we visit, or that we want those we teach to always remember us and think the best of us.  While we need to be good examples, we have to worry a little more about the relationship of the investigator with Jesus Christ and developing their faith in him.  May we all have a little less faith in ourselves and a little more in Jesus Christ. 
 Funny story...  Hermana Gardner needed to have a skirt mended so she took it to a member, and the member asked," now what are you going to wear with it?"and Hermana G. was like "Well I don´t really have tons of green. I´ll go find something," and the lady was like "no no no that will just not do," so the lady brought her this Las Vegas t-shirt to wear to church for Sunday.  Sister G. tried to explain Las Vegas isn´t the greatest place, but the lady insisted that it was a beautiful combination and so that's what Hermana G. wore to church last Sunday! ha ha ha Only in Honduras!  
So mom knows, the 4th of July package arrived this week!  It was so, so darling I just loved it.  Thanks for sending the Ensigns to us.  We have long been awaiting their arrival.  Also, thanks a bunch for the sunscreen and the shirt and all the darling American goodies you sent me.  Thanks for all your love and support.  I  also got Hunter´s graduation announcement.  Looking good!  The shoes were the best surprise of all.  Loving them! 
Well, have to go, I´ll write more next week hopefully!  Praying for you always.

Hermana Johnson

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