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10 Months in the Mission Field! - June 23, 2014

Hermana Johnson has hit the 10 month mark in the mission field!
In response to mom's comment that she read on a mission blog that a lot of the missionaries in Honduras live in gated communities and wondered if that was true ...
Gated communities..... I don´t know a single missionary here that lives in a gated community.   Our houses are nice, you have all you need.... only differences with America is there is no air conditioning, the water stops coming at times, the power goes out a lot more often, and you wash your clothes in a pila in the backyard.  It´s like America 100 years ago.  But the poorest of the poor, people that literally live in one room shacks made from tree branches with tin walls still seem to have a TV inside and cell phones.... that´s the economic mystery of the day.
You also asked about our neighbor lady´s dog.... yes she has a crazy attack dog but she keeps it tied up all day long and when we get home at night she yells" Are you going to leave any more?"  and if we say "no" she lets it loose.  So we can´t go outside at night.  She has another dog that is also crazy mean until you give it food.  So we fed it tamales so it would love us, and now it just wags it's tail  smiling every time it sees us, and if it's not tied up it comes into our house to visit us.  It´s name is Simba, yes as in the Lion King if you wanted to know.  Our neighbor lady is like grandma's age, so her daughter in law and granddaughter live with her.   Her granddaughter is named Naomi and also if  she is let loose outdoors comes looking for us in our house, and bangs on the front door til we come say hi. She is like 1 year old.  She is so darling.

Simba the dog who comes to visit us at our house everyday

 I hope that answers all your questions about the neighbor lady....
Things were kind of weird this week as we almost didn´t go visiting at all.  On Tuesday we had to go to Hermana Luna´s doctor´s appointment.  On Wednesday we had to go all the way to San Pedro again to get Hermana Luna´s residency card. On Friday Honduras was playing in the world cup so we couldn´t leave the house... every time Honduras plays in the world championship we have to be locked up in our house as there are just a few too many drunk people and gunshots outside.  We were kind of frustrated as Friday we had a baptism planned and we told our leaders, but they said under no circumstances could we leave our house during the game!  So, the baptism was moved to Sunday and everything went very well.  On Saturday we spent all morning cleaning the baptismal font because it was just dirty dirty dirty.  I think nobody´s cleaned that thing since they first built the chapel ha ha ha ewwww.  But now it is beautiful.  So this week has been pretty odd.....But it
 helps a ton that the baptism of hermana Yolany finally came to pass yesterday.   

Hermana Johnson's new companion - Hermana Luna from Bolivia
Also... hermana Yolany that got baptized yesterday is a wonderful lady.  A true convert.  Her son  came to church for the first time yesterday so we´ve even got a baptism date set for him already for the 12 of July.  She did say something pretty funny the first time I met her.... She was talking about how Hermana Grondel that was here before me had a lot more redness in her skin and that I have much more even whiteness.  Well, that started her theory that there are the trueblood gringos and the mixed gringos that aren´t true gringos.  The true gringos are the whitest of the white that have according to her, always lived in America and are the ancestors of the american people, whereas those white folk who have more redness in their skin are not real gringos, they are immitators that came over to the US from the European countries.  And so I am one of the true original gringos and Hermana Grondel is a fake and that explains why her skin is redder than mine according to Hermana Yolany ha ha ha !   I´m just gonna let that one fly!! 
Congrats to everyone that got their mission calls this week.  That´s pretty fab.  We had zero hermanas come last change.  Just 5 elders.  But President said a group of new sisters should be coming at last after this grand space of time that we haven´t really had any.  Thanks so much for all your love and support.  Your prayers are really working!  We are finding new people to help each day.  A new family came to church for the first time on Sunday so that was pretty exciting.  They liked it a lot so they´´ll be coming back next week!  It feels so great to be able to help a whole family to come unto Christ, so that they can support each other and stay strong together living the gospel.  That´s always our goal as missionaries is to find families, and here we are lucky to have several that we are working with.  Family is the most important of all!

My last night in Potrerillos celebrating Hermana Nena's birthday!  I will miss her so, she is like a mother to all of us missionaries.  Hence the name we call her is Mama Nena.
I love you all.  Thanks for all you do for me every day!  Thanks for thinking and caring about me so darn much.  I´ll never be able to thank you enough. 
Hermana Johnson

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