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Happy Father's Day! - June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day first off to dad!   

Well, to let you know what happened with transfers this week.... Yes I did have transfers.  I was so very disappointed to leave my last area.  I so wanted to stay just one more change over in Potrerillos. I really loved it there.  Now I have returned to where I started pretty much.  Remember  when I was in Campana I would go every single week to a city called Puerto Cortes that was about half hour away to write and buy groceries?  Well, that's where I'm serving now, here in Puerto Cortes!  I never thought I'd ever come back here.  It's super strange to be here once more.  I actually run into people from Campana all the time too as they come here to grocery shop or whatever.  It is fun to see them again.  It is so beautiful here.  It's actually an area with a bit more money so some of the streets are even like regular American streets with asphalt and street lights and cars.  It was quite shocking.  I've only walked up mountains and dirt roads for so long to be on a normal sidewalk takes some getting used to.   The houses are so darling.  All different colors and beachy.  My house is literally a ten to 15 minute walk away from the beach.  Pretty sweet.  It's still hot here but much cooler than Potrerillos so that's a good thing.  Also Wendy's and Pizza Hut and all the American places are like a 10 to 15 minute walk.  So, the days we don't have lunch we can walk on over to Burger King to grab a bite like those missionaries in the USA can!   Pretty sweet!  Though I'm not sure  I like that adjustment.  I kind of liked the adventure of just chilling out on dirt roads and having to take a bus 20 minutes to get to anything similar to American civilization. 

Hermana Johnson with the awesome missionaries in her district!
My new companion is Hermana Luna from Bolivia. She is the first person ever to serve a mission from her ward back home!  She is 22 and has been out in the mission field 7 or 8 months. Her mother and brother are the only members in her family. She is great because she is ready and willing to work super hard. 

Our house is pretty nice inside.  I just miss my house in Potrerillos where we went out every night the four of us to hang out in our hammocks and eat mangos.  Here we can't be outside at night as our neighbor lets her super mean dog out.  Our house is split into 2 apartments surrounded by one giant gate.  Potrerillos was probably one of  the most special times I'll have on my mission.... but I can't think like that!  Every day and every area brings something new and special.  And it's nice to have an actual shower now and not have to shower with a bucket anymore. Ha ha ha, there you have it...  silver lining.

Hermana Jocelyn and her "super cool tortilla making machine"!
In other news... this area is struggling.  The ward is at risk of becoming just a branch because attendance is very low these days.  The zone leaders work here as well, so it's nice to be working with good elders. The only problem is they leave all the time to do divisions so they're not here much to help.  I feel like this area is well prepared to grow and has a lot of potential.  Everyone we talk to receives us more than in any other area I've had so hopefully very soon things can start progressing.  I really don't have a lot of other news, just transfers.  I'll start getting to know everything and everyone better now to be able to share some good thoughts. 

One request.  Next time you ship a package could you please include my extra pair of sandals I left behind.  The pair here has finally fallen apart.  My strap completely rotted from all the walking, water, and sun. Pretty good timing since I got two pair and made it just over the half way mark with my first pair of shoes.  I guess I'm on the downhill now!

Hermana Johnson's sandals have seen better days!  Cross your fingers that the new pair arrives.
Thanks for all your love and support for me!  I love you very much!

Hermana Johnson 

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  1. Wow Sister Johnson, the time is flying by. You will be home soon. I love to read all about Honduras. The people you have been teaching the gospel to are amazing. You are working hard and so dedicated. What a wonderful missionary you are. Love you and praying for you always. Keep on changing people's lives for good. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so true!!!