Monday, June 9, 2014

Planning to Skype for Mother's Day! - May 5, 2014

All is well here in Potrerillos.  Nobody in our house had transfers. We all just stayed put the 4 of us. My goodness, Hermana Gardner and Hermana Mejia will be together for almost 5 months of their missions with this transfer!  Why is it that when I want transfers they never come and when I don't want transfers they always do?!  Don't get me wrong, I love love love my area.  And this Sunday we were fully determined to bring people to church!  We invited the whole world and called everyone five million times and passed by their houses and in the end 2 new investigators came to church for the first time.  We normally call people and everything but just this week we really went above and beyond to try to get them in the chapel.  And it really worked!  We invite visitors all the time but lately,  in the end, they always say no, we didn't get up on time or we're just too busy today.  But at last 2 new ones came.  We were praying and praying since Hermana Gardner and Mejia came. We gave them the majority of our investigators so we've been starting from square one without a ton of success.  But before we left the house on Sunday morning I had such a good feeling in my heart that I knew somebody would come, and sure enough that's how it happened.  

We wanted visitors at church on Sunday, but this isn't what we had in mind!

I absolutely love the children here in Honduras!
One of the investigators that came was Catholic but she doesn't really ever go.  When we were in divisions, Hermana Mejia and me just talked to her in the street and she said she'd love for us to come over so we went to her house and from there she has been progressing ridiculously fast.  She says she would like to find a church to join so she really is just looking for an answer of which to go to.  She's so darling, she's just 23 and her mom left them 7 years ago and since then she's raised her other two siblings and her son.  Her husband left for the US but he should be coming to visit real soon.  She's really just looking for the truth in her life and even though she was a bit ill she said she didn't want to miss going to church for the first time.  She's so cute. Every time we go to visit she brings out her Bible and Book of Mormon all ready to go, all studied and marked up and tells her siblings and friends you should listen to this too.  

In other news...the best news of the week is that we have entered into the rainy season, so it's gotten a bit cooler. Only high 80's to low 90's instead of high 90's to 100!

Sorry can't write that much today because I have to get Skype all figured out for Sunday.  I will be calling between 5 and 6.  That would just not be right of me as a missionary to ask you  to miss church or be late so you can talk to your missionary so we will do it as soon as your church is over.  I love you all!

Hermana Johnson

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