Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No Letter Home / P-day Hike Takes All Day - June 2, 2014

I´m so sorry, but today we went so far away for P-day that we just now got back and I won´t be able to write at all this week, and I didn´t get to read your letters either.  I´m sorry!  I´ll write lots next week.  I hope all is well at home, and just wanted to let you know quickly that our investigator that needed a month to read and study the Book of Mormon has decided that the church is true and she wants to attend it and no other!  Her testimony is so powerful!  I am so so happy!!  I will write more real soon.  I love you all!!!!

Hermana Johnson
Hermanas Gardner and Johnson having fun in the jungle

Hermanas Lopez and Johnson and whole lot of tropical foliage

Hermana Johnson and her zone at the Los Naranjos Ecological and Archaeological Park

President Dester Saves the Day - June 3, 2014

President Dester heard no one in the zone had time to write their families yesterday on P-day so he gave us half an hour today to do so right now.  And it sounds like it's a good thing since mom's been worrying all week long.... ummmmm nothing bad at all happened this week.... Wednesday we were worrying just because it was our last day to study the last chapter of first Nephi for our investigator, and then Thursday she wasn´t at home, as she had to leave for San Pedro.   Thankfully we had the chance to pass by again on Sunday and she was at home.  She told us that she knew in her heart that the Book of Mormon was true and came directly from our Heavenly Father.  She wants her family in the Mormon church and no other so that she can raise her cute little son  with good principles and a love of Christ.  We were so beyond thrilled of course, as we´ve been studying Nephi every single day and praying just for her for those 22 days.  But God has answered our prayers as we did all we could do, and He did the rest.  

The other good news was we had an awesome activity on Saturday with our ward.  We put on a talent show and decorated the chapel with balloons and a big mural of a city at night.  Everyone loved it and is more excited to work alongside the missionaries.  We had great attendance on Sunday with 138 people... normally we hit around 110 or 112.  I suppose if even I have to leave this next week, I finally feel at peace that I left this area better than I found it, though I really hope not to leave. 

The hermanas and a friend in the front of the backdrop they made for the ward talent show
On P-day we went on a jungle hike which probably wasn´t a great idea because we walked so darn much that now everyone´s going to be too tired to go preaching ha ha ha.  Next week we'll go for a quiet week at the grocery store and lunch at Wendy´s and sleeping at home.    Although they said there were Mayan ruins, we never actually found them.  Oh well, the jungle was beautiful up in Mochito.  Well, just want you to know I love you all, and you need not worry, everything is going great here in Potrerillos as also this week our investigator will be getting baptized!  

Got letters from mom, Sis Frischknect, Grandma, and Uncle Dave this week, and Katy Bready, so thanks so much for all your love and support!  Also tell Uncle Dave his package came!  I´ll tell him thanks next week when I´ve got a bit more time to write.... love you all!

Hermana Johnson

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