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It's Rainy Season - May 26, 2014

I´m glad dad had a good time out in NYC.  It´s pretty darn exciting Hunter and Savannah will be graduating this week.  Felicidades!  They just finished up with a lot of schooling, only to start up with a whole lot more.   But really college is fun and they´ll do great.  Hunter is such a fly young man and Savannah is so darling. 

Thinking of Hermana Johnson during Hunter's graduation
Here are some funny things that happened with my favorite investigator.  Hermana Joaquin and I went to visit and he asked us about our families, like if they come here to Honduras with us or how many brothers and sisters we have.  And I told him I had one brother and one sister back in the US  and he says," How old is your sister?"  and I said 15, and he says, ¨well that was what I was waiting to hear.¨ ha ha ha ha it was so funny, so I asked if he wanted to be my brother in law and showed him the picture of our family and when he saw Molly he said," aw yes she is very beautiful".  ha ha ha!  Elise has one more fan, and he´s a very nice young man, so I approve.  He is just so funny.  

A whole lot of funny things happened this week.... we went to visit a woman, and her son who is quite mischievious and super sassy, and this family is probably the most easily distracted family of all time but they are so funny and always really happy to see us.  Well, in the middle of the lesson, the son was reading a scripture for us in Luke, and his mom, during the scripture was just staring at our legs and started petting my leg like a dog.  And she´s like" wow that´s prickly" as I  hadn´t shaved in a few days, and she´s like" what do you do, do you use a razor or a cream or what"?, and her son starts yelling," mom are you even paying attention to the scripture, you´re like that crazy old lady that lives across the street", and she´s was like," My goodness you´re right, read it again!" So he starts reading again and then she starts petting Hermana Joaquin´s leg and oh my goodness we couldn´t even control ourselves we just started laughing and laughing.  It is hard to visit that family because I can´t even control myself from laughing.  You just don´t even know what will happen next.  But I really like them nonetheless!

Hermana Joaquin (Dominican Republic), Hermana Mejia (Honduras), Hermana Johnson (Utah), and Hermana Gardner (California) enjoying the rainy season under an enormous umbrella they found
There is a man who is probably the funniest person in the entire ward.  His family got baptized back in August of last year, but you have to go to the Principles of the Gospel class for one year after your baptism, so he´s still there with us.  Well, the theme on Sunday was Honesty.  He told us a great story...¨When I was younger I liked to drink and smoke and didn´t have the best of friends.  Well one time my friend invited me to his house and we were drunk.   He offered me a chance to make a lot of money, he said he´d been hired to go kill a man and that the people had offered him the weapons and everything and showed me a bunch of big suitcases filled with money and told me I could join them and I said yes.  But I was pretty wasted, because even though I liked to drink and smoke I´ve always been fearful of God and would never kill another man.  When I came to my senses I realized what I´d agreed to and went back fast to cancel those plans.¨ And the teacher asks, thanks for your example, because can you imagine where you´d be today if you´d gone along with it.  He was like "Well they already killed that guy that offered me the money.  I´d be in the ground today if I´d agreed to that."  

He went on to tell another story that he used to be a house painter and went to paint a lady´s house and asked 3000 limpiras for the job.  Well she said 2500 and nothing more, so he went ahead and agreed to it. As he was painting the house the woman left to go buy groceries and dropped 500 limpiras as she left.  He went ahead and took it because he felt God was giving him the 500 the woman had refused him so that it was fair cuz that´s really what she owed him in the first place".  He said that had happened long before he came to the church and realized as he learned the gospel that things like that were wrong.  He gave a nice little speech of the importance of honesty.  Well, someone asked him if he´d ever gone back to give the lady the 500 he´d stolen, and he´s was like, well that already happened.  She´s long dead now.  He just said it with such peace of mind that that grumpy old lady was already long dead.  Here´s another great quote from this man.  ¨Those sister missionaries are so sweet they are sweeter than honey.  And they are just always always smiling, like clowns.  Even when bad things happen they just keep on smiling¨  ha ha ha  then someone was like clowns are really odd and creepy, so he quickly tried to dig himself out of that one, but my goodness he is just so funny and he really is a great man and a true convert of this gospel and is willing to do all to live this gospel.  He invited all four of us to dinner at his house on Friday, so we´ll let you know how it goes.

There is also a man in the ward who just loves to go visit with the missionaries.  Everyone refers to him as the Russian, idk why... Every person he knows or has ever seen he gives us as a reference so it´s really great that he has so much excitement for this work and is so willing to share it with everyone, but he´s still just really unique.  He said in one of the closing prayers... ¨We thank thee for the smells, the colors, the flavors, and sizes in the world.¨ which was funny in spanish cuz it all rhymes, ¨olores, colores, sabores y tamaños.¨  

The only other thing I wanted to share was that this week we had a great zone conference with President Dester.  I´m sorry I don´t have exact quotes with me, but there is a quote from I believe Parley P. Pratt who was called on  mission after mission for 26 years and had just received another call to go to Chile. I´ll try to bring the exact words next week, but he said that more than anything in the entire world he just wanted to stay at home and be with his family, but  the Lord  had other plans for him.  And if it so be that he´d have to continue alone in other lands until the end of his days he would consider himself highly privileged and honored of the Lord.  For he would have all of eternity before him in which to enjoy himself.  I really loved the quote, because it shows that really we all have hopes and dreams and things we want to happen.  We don´t go on missions just because we don´t have anything better to do.  I have other dreams in my back pocket.  I want to keep studying, visit other countries, get married someday (still far in the future, mom) to have my own family.  And the thing is those desires aren´t bad, in the same way Parley P Pratt only wanted to be with his family is a wonderful wish.  The thing is God has the greatest prize of all... eternal life with Him and our families forever.  But only He can give it, and He can only give it to us if we obey His will.  If we really believe that this prize will come.  If we really trust our Heavenly Father, we can have this eternity before us to fulfill all wishes that our heart now longs for, we will do as He tells us.  No one knows our needs and desires more, and no one wants to grant them to us more.  But He has things He needs from each one of us, and we must be willing as well to pay Him back for the many blessings he so willingly bestows upon us.  Trust in our Father in Heaven and do as he wishes, so that we too may have all the eternities before us with Him in which to enjoy ourselves.  I know God´s plan is perfect and I can´t explain why things happen as they happen, but we need not worry.  We need only have faith. 

I love you all and hope all is well at home.  Thank you for all you do for me!  

Hermana Johnson  

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