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Happy Mother's Day! - May 12, 2014

The best Mother's Day present ever!!
It´s been so very long since we last spoke, verdad?  But really it was great Skyping you all yesterday. I´m sorry I can´t speak English anymore... please forgive me for that.  But I´ll start learning again in 9 more months.  Our hand beaten cupcakes turned out really great thank you.  Janet Hays sent some wonderful cupcake mixes. Unfortunately, in 9 months being here I have only met one family with an oven.  And none of the missionary apartments ever have an oven.  Usually just one burner and a mini frige is about all we have in our kitchens besides a tiny sink of course.  So we Sister Missionaries decided to bake the cupcakes while we Skyped our families here in the church kitchen because this meeting house just happens to have an oven!!  And sweet Sister Hays thought of everything even a pan to cook our cupcakes in!  Wonderful considering a cupcake pan here would be unheard of!  So we got to the church and were so excited to make our cupcakes only to realize we forgot a spoon to mix them with and unfortunately there are no utensils at the church because they get taken.  So cute Hermana Mejia was industrious and just mixed them literally "by hand"!   They turned out great as we showed you on Skype we just hadn't frosted them yet when you saw them.  We each ate one then shared the rest with some of the mothers in our ward.  We will be making more again on Tuesday for the district meeting, and this time we won´t forget the spoon.  Ha ha ha!
Making cupcakes from the good ole' USA via Janet Hays

We forgot the spoon.  But Hermana Mejia had no problem mixing the batter by "hand"!

The cupcakes turned out very yummy!
Also this week we found out why there are so many darn ants in our house... all of the missionaries always leave their old books and things behind when they leave so in one of our kitchen cupboards there was just a ton of dusty old books in a big stack and we never thought anything of it.  But Hermana Gardner got sick of having the big mountain of dusty books in the house so she went to clean it out and as she was throwing them out her arms just got covered in ants and she went running outside cuz those things really bite... Well, we found out a large ant colony was living in that book mountain.  They had made themselves a nice ant house down there.  Pretty creative, but we had to destroy that pretty fast once we knew and now there are still ants in the house, but not so many as there once were.   

I really liked mom´s quote, ¨Love the people God gave you, because he will need them back one day.¨ If we think of it like that... really every person we meet is to learn something.  God is shaping and preparing us for something better.  This life is just a moment in the eternities.  And my job is to help people so that when they meet God they will feel a little bit better prepared.  Zero pressure.

I will now retell the stories that I told to you people yesterday so that the other people that read this blog will be aware... 

This week we started visiting a young man who is just 15 years old.  His cousin is a member and gave us his name as a referral.  We had taught him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and had just gone for our third visit to talk about the plan of salvation.  Before we even started talking, he told us he´d had an evangelist friend who was like, why are you letting the Mormons visit you, they all worship Joseph Smith and are devil worshippers and a bunch of crazy rumors, and he told us all that he replied to his friend: " ¿y vos has orado con todo tu corazon para saber que es la verdad?" (in English:" Have you really prayed to God with your whole heart to know what the truth is?"), and his friend was like" no", so he was like ¿pues entonces?! AKA" well what are you getting on my case for?"  It was so sassy, I just loved it.  It was so darling and so funny, he was just so sincere and pure. He´s really looking for an answer in his life.  He then continued telling us all he had told his friend pretty much the whole first vision right there.  We were just in awe.  That kid is brilliant and we´d only visited him 2 times!  WOW.  God really prepares the hearts of his children.  He then requested that we visit said  friend with him to help him know how to find his own answer from God. So after just 2 visits this kid is already like a little missionary.  I could just see right there what a fine missionary he will make one day.  GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR.  And he came to church on Sunday too!

In the lives of other investigators...we continued visiting with a young woman who comes from a SUPER catholic family, and they said if she keeps going to the Mormon church she´s not their daughter anymore.  I don´t understand it at all.  If all my little babies that I will one day have make the decision to leave and go lead other lives, sure I´ll be disappointed but they will always be my children and I´ll love them the same and want to be with them each Christmas and birthday and all the celebrations in between.  

She tells us that she really just wants to be where God wants her to be so she wants to really think over her decision and pray and study.   She told us she didn´t want us to come visit her for a time to just make the decision on her own. So, we made a plan with her that she and us will read the whole first book of Nephi at home this month.  We will read one chapter every day until we finish, praying and studying and fasting to help her with her decision and then the 30 of May we will return to visit her and she will tell us whether she´d like to be a Mormon or keep on being Catholic.  I´ve never felt so very helpless as a missionary with this great young lady who needs this gospel but it´s totally out of our hands at the moment and in the hands of the Lord.  But there´s no one I trust more than Him, so I know all will work out fine in the end.  She will get her answer.  I just know it.  

In other news... please do tell Janet Hays thanks so very much for the cupcake kits she sent, they were super delicious and it was a fabulous way to spend Mother´s Day.  

I love you all very very much, and hope that dad had a great birthday and Grace too!  You never really talked about how you celebrated that you people.  And Happy Mother´s Day to all the moms in the world!  My gratitude to my mother is eternal.  She has always been such a fine example to me of how to be more loving, more kind, more thoughtful, more forgiving, patient, enduring, willing to sacrifice, grateful and happy.  My mother taught me the great lesson of how it is to gain happiness in this life, and it is through one´s family.  When we sacrifice all we have for others, that is when we will find the greatest joy.  The gospel of Jesus Christ brings more peace than any other thing.  I chose who would be my mother long before I came to this world, so now my only work is to live worthy enough to win the reward to be with her forever, because everyone knows my mama will be going to heaven.  : )  Thank you mom for always being there for me and loving and supporting me in all I do, and for helping me to be all that I am.  

All my love

Hermana Johnson

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