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Congratulations Mauricio! - April 28, 2014

Woooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... I am at a loss of words that Hunter Johnson somehow ended up at the prom.  He was lookin pretty fly in his pics!   Also I am also very disappointed, as is mom, that he was unable to go for the big fancy group photos.  That is a priceless photo to have for forever!  Thane  really does sound like an awesome kid.  He´ll do well in Honduras!
Hunter looking dapper before the Prom

Hunter and his Prom date, Sam
Speaking of missionaries I am really amazed and just in awe of Uncle Dave´s decision to let the missionaries live with him and at NO cost!  I hope that goes really well.

The greatest news of this whole change finally came to pass, as one of my favorite investigator of all, Mauricio, finally got baptized this past Wednesday and his whole family came!  It was so fabulous!  He said the week before he prayed and told God he had a desire to be baptized. He asked if God could please help him get his mom to give her permission, and when he finished praying he felt a grand sense of relief and when he talked with her again the next day she said it was alright to go ahead and get baptized.  Now he really knows how it is that God answers our prayers!  He´s just so darn excited about his baptism and his confirmation and to finally be a member of the church.  And I´m pretty darn excited as well!  In his confirmation blessing they said he´d have the gift of tongues and would be able to learn English very well so that was pretty cool.  Tonight we will have family home evening with them and we´ll watch "The Testaments".   I really hate that movie, but for some reason it is super helpful for investigators and they all end up loving it and really understanding the importance of the Book of Mormon, so we´ll keep on using it.   I´m sorry  I am still  not a fan of most church movies.  Though I do absolutely love sharing the one about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and the others from the Doctrine and Covenants discs.  Those are all pretty well done.  
Mauricio and his sweet family on his baptism day
I am just having too much fun here with Hermana Gardner and Hermana Mejia with us.  My dream is that for changes we can just switch it up so that Mejia is my companion and Joaquin goes with Gardner so nobody has to leave.  We still don´t know what is going to happen.  We shall see.  I just pray Gardner doesn´t leave me because that would be really lame since we just got  together then just to get separated all over again.  I´ll let you know what happens.

I read a really good article from the January "Ensign" but I don´t remember who it´s by or what it is called.  It talks about repentance and about a young man who made some bad decisions but really made the effort to change and how it was the greatest gift he could ever give to his family.  Because in the moment he had to change it felt like a grand sacrifice and something so hard, but with time he realized it really was no sacrifice but just the right thing to do and the only thing to do to have God in his life so he could keep progressing.  The gospel really is the greatest blessing we can give to our families.  As with our investigators, they both loved drinking and grew up so poor with really difficult lives and parents that didn´t care much for them.  There are  just a whole lot of difficulties that have come their way, but as we visited them yesterday tears just came to their eyes as they said how much unity and love the gospel has brought to their whole house and family and how we are not a family because we share the same blood or whatever.  Our family is the people we want to be with forever and so we must fight for them and do all possible to follow God to earn the right to be with them forever.  The commandments of God are not restrictions.  They free us from all our vices and fill us with love so that peace may run more freely through our homes.  

One of our investigators told us how difficult it was for them to pay their tithing the first time because they just don´t have much money, but the very next day after she paid it she magically found some extra bills lying around in her house and she had no idea how they got there and where they could´ve come from and had no problem paying for food or for her kids for school and all was well.  She felt like she had really received so much more from God than that which she gave Him.  She sometimes goes out to sell lotions and perfumes and jewelry in the street, so that week as she went out to sell she prayed to God that she had the desire to go to the temple.  She knew she couldn´t enter as she hasn´t been baptized still, but " just to stand outside and see it would be a prize worth any sacrifice" she said.   So, she told herself "whatever money I earn today I will use for the goal to go to the temple," and she made a ton of money!   Her most successful day of the year!!  So she then had an idea to multiply the money she´d made and used the money she´d earn to make donuts and sell them in the street.  But she said that time as she left her house she wasn´t selling anything and was so sad but realized she´d forgotten to pray before she´d left. So, she said a little prayer in the street that God would guide her where to go to sell her donuts, and she sold every last one!  Her money multiplied 5 times more, and she had more than sufficient to go to the temple and with the extra bought food storage as she´d learned to do in Relief Society that week.  My goodness, she is just too darn of a powerhouse for me!!  I feel like I learn so much more from her experiences than I could ever teach  her.  She´s just 22 years old and has already suffered so much.  I feel so sad to hear her story, but she is a completely new person.  We really become new people for this gospel, and as we are baptized and start a new life, following our savior Jesus Christ.  

I know this church is true and that this gospel brings more happiness than any other thing ever could. I love you and will talk to you all again real soon!  

Hermana Johnson

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