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I Love General Conference - April 7, 2014
Dear Family,
Congrats to dad that things are going well with his whole new software program switchoff for work.  I imagine that would be extremely stressful.  Congrats to Hunter´s buddies that got their mission calls this week.  Congrats to Hunter on asking a girl to the prom.  ha ha ha ha I am so very shocked.  What could drive him to do something so not Hunterlike?! 

How do you like my backyard jungle?  Bananas anyone?
In other news... yes I got to see General Conference!  It´s the greatest thing ever as a missionary, but let´s talk about the sad truth that a total of 3 members came to the Saturday morning session.   For general conference, 3 wards meet in the same chapel to watch together so the other 2 companionships of elders came and it was us 6 missionaries with 3 members and one investigator.  How chasta.  (chasta = lame) very few are so faithful as to come Saturday  and I liked the Saturday morning session best of all because powerhouse Holland spoke and my personal favorite Eyring as well.  We watched in Spanish of course but unlike October General Conference, I understood everything no problem so that was great news.
Saturday afternoon about 10 or 12 people attended. Sunday morning the chapel was overflowing with people. We almost didn´t fit with the 3 wards together, and then again for Sunday afternoon only about 25 or 30 people were present. 

Lots of investigators came Sunday so that was good.  I always wondered about General Conference whether people would get bored because it may seem long for them, but our district leader told us the majority of people that attend conference get baptized so we went super out of the way to try to drag people to conference, making like 150 invitations or more, and passing out to everyone in the street and to all the members to invite friends, so we´ll hope that promise comes true in the upcoming weeks.
We had to stop visiting one of our investigators because he just does not want to live the word of wisdom.   I feel so horrible to stop visiting anyone.  I know he knows the gospel is true. He just is unwilling to live it.  Lots of people are willing to die for Christ, but few are willing to live for Him.   
Nothing super exciting happened this week, just Conference was pretty sweet to watch. I  loved hearing the Prophet and Elder  Packer and President  Uchtdorf as always and  Elder Nelson. Elder Hales was looking pretty darn frail though.  Fun fact, the translation for Richard G. Scott he recorded himself beforehand so it is his actual voice giving the talk when we hear it here in Honduras and other Spanish speaking nations.  I thought that was pretty neat. 

Lots of love!  Thanks for all your support.
Hermana Johnson

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