Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Spring - March 31, 2014
Thanks for keeping me posted on all the fun missionary news. I love hearing where all of Hunter's friends are going on their missions!!  I am so excited two will be going to Honduras!!  Even though they will not be in my mission, they will have an amazing experience!! 
This week the parents of a young man we are teaching said he can get baptized!!!! Whoooooooooo They just said they felt it was a little soon so asked that we wait until the end of April, and they would give their permission, so I  was like that´s fine with me.  Better to wait a month than to get a full on NO.  He is so golden.  I am so excited that his special day will finally come!   I´m going to be cocky for 5 seconds, when we went to ask his mom for permission we ended up having a pretty long conversation but in the end we won her trust and she was like, well now I know why my son talks about you so much Sister Johnson, you guys do a lot of good.   I was like totally beaming because I know this boy loves me very much because I got to be his missionary.  Someday he too will be a missionary and touch so many lives and even the rest of his family will someday come to the gospel.  I feel so lucky to have gotten to be a part of it.  It´s all the Lord and not me of course so that wasn´t really bragging.
Hermana Johnson with all the members of her zone
A fairly new investigator came to church for the first time on Sunday.  It was so beautiful, because when we first met her she was so sad and discouraged because she had no job and no boyfriend and just lives all by herself in her little apartment.  Every time we visited we prayed that she could find a job.  This week she did indeed find work and so on Friday when we went to visit her she told us she´d found work and that she knew it was from our prayers for her and that now she wanted to thank God for that great blessing by going to church on Sunday.  She tells us now with her new job she doesn´t have much free time to read her Book of Mormon at home, so without us even saying anything she tells us, I´m going to read that book you people gave me to give thanks to my Heavenly Father.  I´m going to take it with me every day on the bus to work to learn more because I know He has already blessed me so much.  And I was like, whoa that just blew me away.  And I´ll be honest we always ask people if there´s something they want us to pray for and with her it was always to find work.  When she told us she had found work, I had even forgotten that we had been praying for that until she herself mentioned it, and I felt so terrible. What little faith I had or how pathetic I was just to be going through the motions and yet she really believed from the prayers she would find work and in the moment that she did find work she wanted to give thanks to God.  Well now I´m off to repent for that massive error.  Even as missionaries, we pray so many times every day with so many people not every single prayer is pure and sincere and with faith and real intention.  But they definitely should be.  I am so imperfect it kills me sometimes . . .
Hermana Lopez with her new companion and Hermana Johnson with her new companion, Hermana Joaquin
It was hilarious to go to church with this hermana.   We are always so nervous when someone new comes for the first time of course.  The first hour went waaaaaay overtime.  Someone from the stake came to talk, and we didn´t get out until almost 10:30.  Our investigator was like, I thought you said each meeting only lasts an hour.  I was like normally yes idk what´s going on.  I was dying and as it finally ended she said, thank goodness that´s over!  I was like nooooooooooo.  We persuaded her to stay for the next class somehow and the theme was fasting and everyone was talking about fast offerings, and I think she was super confused but somehow she enjoyed the second class a lot.  When they announced general conference she asked us, "Am I allowed to go to that.  I´d like to see that.  We were so shocked because we had thought that it had been a really odd, long Sunday, but she said she wanted to come back so I´ll take it!
Hermanas Johnson and Joaquin with Hermana Dester, the mission president's wife
I love you all very much and I´m sorry for all my imperfections, but the hope is to live each day a little better than yesterday.  To become like Christ can´t happen overnight, but with faith and real intent to follow Him it can happen. Happy April! 
Hermana Johnson

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  1. Sister Johnson, I love reading this blog. It is wonderful to know all about the great work you are doing. Very interesting to hear about the people and their stories that you are teaching the gospel too. I can tell that you truly care about them and love them. You are dedicated to this work. You are serving Jesus Christ in the best way possible. I am grateful to know a missionary such as you and will continue to pray for you. I love you Brie. Carry on!