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Happy, Happy, Happy to Be a Missionary - March 24, 2014

This week was super great.   Hermana Lopez had transfers, but is very close by in Santa Cruz and remains in my same zone so if we have a zone activity on Pday I will see her, and I see her every Tuesday as all the zone gets together for district meetings, though she is not in my district I´ll still see her.   My new companion is quite fabulous, Hermana Joaquin from El Salvador.  She is 19 and has 4 months in the mission.  Once again only one sister missionary came to our mission from the MTC this transfer so absolutely no one from the sisters is training.  Elders are another story... 23 new elders came this change.   Everyone is getting trained right and left for elders.  Our mission is a little sketchy so there will never be lots of sisters here.  
In other news, this week was really great as today we had a zone activity and WE WENT TO THE CROCODILE FARM!!!!!! I have been dying to go since I started the mission.  It was so cool.  We got to hold little baby crocodiles and the elders fed horse meat to the big huge crocodiles.  That was really gross so I didn´t participate, but I have tons of awesome photos which I will send shortly... They actually have lions at the crocodile farm as well for some reason so those were really beautiful, and all the sketchy things you can´t do at an american zoo you can do in Honduras like touch the animals, feed them, pretty much whatever you like.  A little dangerous but it was so fun and I got to go with Hermanas Joaquin and Lopez and the whole zone.

Hermana Lopez and I having fun at the Crocodile Farm
They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, but what if you kiss a crocodile?
Notice the big space under the fence - the lions did too . . .
Other fun things that happened this week.... we built a Honduran stove... I suppose it was out of an adobe like substance and it was pretty much like playing with mud for an hour. The family was so happy for the help that they put a J on the back for Hermanas Joaquin and Johnson.  Next week we will go take our pictures with the finished product.
A couple I am teaching now loves the church so much.  They are so faithful.  They go to every activity, obey all the commandments, pay their tithing... wow they are spectacular.  Even though they aren´t baptized they even want to go on the ward temple trip in April just to be able to walk around the grounds and feel the spirit there.  Wow what a great family.  
I am really, really happy, and really, really stressed as I couldn´t even sleep yesterday.  I was just worrying about what to do about my investigators.  Pray that all goes well with them this week so they can be baptized and I can sleep again.  ha ha ha.  Here´s the thing about being a missionary... some people think that after you have so much time in the mission you can just answer whatever question or situation with ease and no stress but that is never the case.  Every investigator we teach is so individual. We learn more and make mistakes with each one.  
The messages that I find the most powerful to share with people who are struggling about their decisions of whether to be baptized, or if the gospel is really what they want in their lives, are first the end of Ether 12 when Moroni gives his testimony.  Moroni really was a prophet of God that talked with Jesus Christ face to face.  And he states it so beautifully and so clearly I just love it and nobody can deny it.  And then he goes on to say that even he, Moroni, had weaknesses as he says he was weak in writing.  I love this as even a prophet of God makes mistakes and has weaknesses and many people want to be perfect for their day of baptism and that can´t happen so as they read this they really feel the spirit and realize that perfection isn´t necessary, only a desire to seek God and be more like Him.  I also love to share President Uchtdorf´s message from the January Ensign about ¨the best moment to plant a tree¨.  He states that we often wait for the first day of the new year or when school starts or whatever to make new goals or try to change, but today is the best day to try to be better. We need not wait to be chosen, we are already chosen of God as His children. We chose to follow Him before this life and need to do so now as well.  Also I love when he says that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best moment is right now.  And it is so true.  It doesn´t matter what we´ve done or who we were in the past.  We need not dwell on that, today is the best day to begin our new life as a disciple of Christ. I am so grateful for the Spirit in this work.  I would not be able to help anyone, not even myself, without it.  
I love, love, love missionary life.  I love, love, love my family, all the people that support me and all the people I am teaching, and I am happy, happy, happy to be here.  Thanks for all your love and support!

Hermana Johnson      

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