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Happy Easter - April 14, 2014

I am so sorry to hear about Aunt Marlene. She has always been so kind and supportive.  I hope that the family is doing alright.  I shall be praying for them.  

Also say hello to all those who are coming to visit for Easter.  That should be fun. 
I am so so, so very overwhelmed this week.  What happened is that on Thursday they called to tell us that there had been some sort of emergency and 2 new sisters would be moving to Potrerillos to live with us.  So we waited all day long and finally guess who it was?  Hermana Gardner and her companion from Honduras that she is training Hermana Mejia.  They were previously serving in the Colonia de Las Brisas en San Pedro, but it has been so dangerous there they had to leave.  There´s a big war right now between all the gangs and drug dealers, and they started just killing people in the street so there are no longer missionaries there.  They called Hermana Gardner and Hermana Mejia at 6:30 in the morning to tell them they had to pack up and leave and at 4 in the afternoon they were with us.  Very sketchy as of late... We all do fit fine in the apartment.  The only problem is we only have a tiny mini fridge so there is not a lot of room for food for all four of us.  But I love having them here with us.
So happy to be back with Hermana Gardner!
Getting to live with Hermana Gardner is great with me.  The hard part is I am the only one here that knows the area.  The problem is we now have to divide the area between the 4 of us and the assistants to the president called on Saturday to tell me that because I am the only one that knows the area it would be my decision how to divide it up.  It  stresses me out because obviously certain people need certain missionaries to touch their hearts, and I don´t want to give up any of my investigators but we are going to have to do it.  Booooooooo.  I  just don´t know what to do  and everyone knows it is my decision, so I don´t want to offend anyone. This is a big headache. I just have to decide and move on I suppose.  I was so very content not so long ago when it was just me and Hermana Lopez chilling out here in Potrerillos.  Now every week gets more and more stressful.  But after 2 weeks or so it´ll settle down again I´m sure.  

To answer all of mom´s questions.... I am in a ward and my ward is also called Potrerillos.  The goal is that it can soon become a stake.  Uncle Dave´s home teacher´s nephew was my first district leader and yes he was nice and a good leader;  always concerned about making sure all was well with us.  Today for pday we watched "17 miracles" as a district.  It was so incredibly sad we are now even more emotionally exhausted than before.  I feel so bad for Hermanas Gardner and Mejia because they just had to up and leave all their investigators, and couldn´t even say goodbye.  And no new missionaries will be taking their place to finish teaching them, so they pretty much did all that hard work and it´s going to be lost.  

I imagine I´ll stay here with Joaquin one more change because I´m the only one that knows the area to help everybody.  Maybe even 2 more changes.  Who knows?  Just pray that everything will go well with this division.  I´ll talk with Hermana Lopez tomorrow to help me out as well because she knows the area too of course and she´s in my zone so it´s easy to discuss these things.  

Alejandra, one of the newest member in Potrerillos!
That´s all there is really for news here in Potrerillos, but that was a whole lot of change for one week.  Being in divisions has been kind of cool because I  go one day with Hermana Mejia and one day with Gardner and so it´s cool to teach here in Honduras with my MTC  companion.  

The mission is just kind of like life in general.  The more time you have, the more stressful it gets as you have more responsibility and have to make bigger and more important decisions.  But if we seek God´s will, we can know that the decisions will always be the right ones.
I forgot to say, but you asked about what it is we will be doing for Easter.... well here the traditional things to eat are mangos with honey, which I´m not really sure how to describe.  They soak mangos in like a sweet liquid for a couple days so it´s kind of like canned fruit cocktail in it´s taste and texture.   Then something that is tradition is fish torta with soup but i´m quite dreading trying that because they say  the fish gets left out to dry for months. Months people!  Then they put it in a masa so it´s like a tamale and make a soup out of it.  I´ll let you know if someone ends up giving it to us.  We shall see, though I hope not.  That is all for Semana Santa  here,  Easter is a super big deal.  People get work and school off for the entire week so maybe that´s something we could adopt in our country ha ha.  
I love you all very much and hope you all have a great Easter!        

con amor, Hermana Johnson

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