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Happy St. Patty's Day! - March 17, 2014
All is well here in Honduras.  This week started out really boring because I had to go to San Pedro to get my residence card and we wasted the whole day just traveling and waiting in the immigration office, but it turned out to be okay because Hermana Gardner also happened to be called in for her residency card so she and a big group of other missionaries were there and it was nice to see each other and talk for a little while.  She is doing really well. I am so happy for her.  Although we find out tonight if Hermana Lopez will leave me or stay another transfer.  I´d like to have one more transfer  with her.
Other things that happened this week besides becoming an official citizen of Honduras... in case you didn´t notice the Tegucigalpa temple was featured in this month´s Ensign.  And look at how ridiculously tan I am getting!  I look like a latina.  People are starting to ask me if I´m from Colombia.  My goodness!
This week was cool as yesterday was the church conference for all of Central America. Elder Richard G. Scott and Dallin H. Oakes spoke to us via broadcast of course from the US.  Elder Scott even gave his whole talk in Spanish.  I didn´t know he could speak Spanish but that was cool to see.  They talked about the importance of family prayer, scripture study, family home evening and education for the saints here in Central America and it was really neat to watch.

Lucky me!  Look at my fun, green package from home!
In other news... we are teaching a really cool kid who is 16.  I don´t remember if I told you already, but they changed the boundaries of our area so now we have double the ground to cover, but it´s not that bad because I can still walk everywhere just fine, not like Campana that was so massive we had to take a bus 20 minutes to get to some investigators.  So some of the land that belonged to the elders is now ours.   Our new investigator is so brilliant.  He wants to be baptized right away and loves to go to church and everything all by himself every week... but thus far his mom has not given  her permission for him to be baptized. This Tuesday Hermana Lopez and I will go to ask and hopefully she will open her heart to us sister missionaries.  We just have to teach a few commandments like tithing, law of chastity and he´ll be ready to go so we´ll see what his mom says.
Happy St. Patty's from Honduras!
Idk why I am teaching such a large number of young teenage boys the gospel right now but that´s what the Lord has given me and it's great!  This week we were teaching a young man who was a reference and we went to contact him and as we were talking with him on his front porch, this man with his 10 year old son walks up to us and introduces himself and says¨Hello this is my son. He really enjoys the way you preach and teach in your church.  He´s been listening from behind the whole time you´ve been here, but he´s too shy to ask to participate as well.  So I come to you to offer you my son to teach him your ways, and if he likes it it´s fine with me if he wants to go to your church.  I respect your work.  As his dad I can´t tell him what to believe.  He should do what feels is right in his heart.¨  We were so shocked but that works great with us if someone wants to give us their kid to teach with permission to baptize and everything right off the bat!! So now we are teaching the young man who is no longer shy with us and is pretty darling but it was quite the experience to get him! 

As you can see, I shared the green mustaches mom sent me for St. Patrick's Day!
The young men here are quite amazing.  They support one another so well and always are giving us references of their friends so there´s a giant group of friends that help each other go to church and activities each and every week without fail.  Many of them are the only members in their family, but they are so strong and know that this gospel is true and are willing to help us in anything we need as missionaries.  I can see in them the fine missionaries they will be in not too long and the amazing strength they have.  There is great importance in being friends to all those who we go to church with.  The purpose of our ward family is to give one another support in all our challenges and share the happiness when the good news comes.  We are helping each other grow closer to God together.  There are too many people in this world that don´t want to go to church because they feel like everyone´s judging them or someone offended them at church.  Going to church on Sunday should be a break from the world, to hear the word of God, not a great trial that must be faced in order to fulfill the commandments of the Lord.  Gordon B. Hinckley says in his beatitudes, BE KIND.  We should have a light within us for our love and service for one another that the world is unable to deny.
I love you all very much!  Wear lots of green and have a very happy St. Patrick´s Day.
Love Hermana Johnson

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