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Hugs and Kisses To You All! - February 17, 2014

Hope you had a great Valentine´s Day!  Though from your letter it sounds like Hunter was seeing a little too much red with his girl induced body rash poor thing.  Ha ha ha hope he´s doing better now.  Did you ever find out what really caused it?  

Pday was super awesome today.  My district is fabulous and really united.  We spent Pday as a district and our zone leaders came along too so 8 of us headed to Lake Yojoa where we rode a boat out on the lake and then ate really huge fried fish fresh caught from said lake.  It was so fun, and pretty relaxing too. The fish was pretty good too... my how times have changed. I guess if you eat anything enough times you can learn to like it?!  I almost fell asleep in the boat and just sitting on the shore hanging out for a bit.  The reason we came late to write is that not many buses pass by to go to the lake so we spent over an hour just waiting for buses today.... we didn´t know that beforehand.  Great day though.
Having a little snack at the lake - remember in Honduras they don't debone anything!
Heard you had trouble finding Potrerillos on a map... well it is about 20 minutes from Villa Nueva which would be more well known.  That´s where we go to grocery shop.  And you can look up Lake Yojoa too.  That was about 45 minutes away... and it is a pretty cool tourist site here in Honduras.  There are definitely more touristy places to visit in this zone.  Hermana Lopez said they went to a crocodile farm one time so I´m hoping we can go there soon so I can see it too.  It is famous among missionaries as a place to visit.  
Brie and Hermana Lopez enjoying Lake Yojoa
Tell Molly congrats with her driving permit and stay safe. Look where you´re going and don´t get too stressed because when you panic that´s when bad things usually happen.  Stay calm.  We´ll see if I can even remember to drive when I get back in a year.... Yes happy 6 months to me!

Also wanted to say thanks so much for your Valentine Package!  And the part in the red envelope came too this week.  I loved the "100 things we love about Brie".  That was so sweet.  I will keep it my whole mission and look at it if I have a rough day.  Those are the best kind of gifts to get.  Also for the 14th we celebrated as the Hermana Lideres came for divisions to our house and we made smores the 4 of us.  It was a great day.  And I love our Hermana Lideres here... Hermana McCuiston and Hermana Escalante.  They are really down to earth so we don´t get so stressed out when they come to visit.  It shows that is so important that missionaries need to relax a bit.  Missionaries shouldn´t be so stiff and serious that people feel like they can´t talk with them like regular human beings.  We have to be down to earth and humble and happy for heaven´s sake.  And not fake happy, but really just having an honest desire to help our fellow man.  Sorry about that missionary rant...

A fun little break at the lake with our district on P-day!
Thanks so much for all the treats, you think about each little detail for these package my goodness.  I wasn´t even expecting a package for Valentine´s Day.   I loved the ring pops and bracelets that I can share with little kids and other missionaries with ease.  I loved the papaya and smores idea and fruit roll ups and hello kitty treats. Everything was fabulous!  So much I can´t even recall it all.  Thank you!  Also I got not 1 but 2 packages from Miss Janet Hays this week, with $50 included!  My goodness tell her thank you so much!!  I loved the nutella and teddy grahams and mint chocolates and Reeses and goldfish crackers and sweet card, my goodness.  Tell her thanks so much and I´ll write soon.  
 I already have to leave!  Ack... one hour goes so fast.  Thanks so much for all your love and support!  I will talk next week more!  Love you so much!  

Hermana Johnson

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