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Transferred to Potrerillos! - February 10, 2014 
Yes I was transferred, and although I was feeling uneasy about leaving Sister Reyes and leaving behind some of our investigators, I feel at ease that the work will progress just fine without me.  My new area is called Potrerillos and the members here are absolutely fabulous.  Super supportive.  Every evening the adults take turns leaving with us in visits.  Very organized and super with it.  I was so impressed.  My first Sunday the bishop called us into his office just to see how we were doing and if we had members feeding us and how he could help us.  Wow.  And here we eat with members for every lunch and dinner, it is so nice.  The previous missionaries have taken very good care of this area, so I just have the responsibility to not screw it up.  There are plenty of investigators already progressing. I was so pleased as Campana was so hard in these aspects... My third night when we went to the chapel for an activity there is an especially wonderful spirit here.  I am very excited to be here and get to work.

Transfer Day!  Waiting to get assigned new companion and new area.
More importantly... my companion is Sister Lopez also from the Dominican Republic like Sister Reyes.  I really like the Dominicanas, they are the greatest.  But I've always liked islanders as you know.  It is quite rare since there aren't very many Dominicanas in the mission.  Just 4 I believe.  She is 20 and has 3 months in the mission, which means... I am the senior companion.  I was so shocked because I was expecting to be the junior companion for a little while longer since only 2 new sisters came to the mission this transfer and there aren't very many newbie sisters.  Cute little Sister Gardner is training this change!  I was so happy for her.  She would be a fabulous trainer. 
Anyways, when President told me I would be Senior Companion to Hermana Lopez who just finished her training I was so terrified because most newer missionaries don't really speak in the lessons and are still a bit nervous as they are still learning how to do things... many don't know their areas well and don't have the trust of the members and where I don't have tons of experience either it made me so nervous to be in this area with her.  Because it is one thing to be with a newer missionary in an area that you know and already know how things are so you can direct them easily, but to be with a newer missionary in an area that you don't know can be a challenge, but she quickly put to rest all my fears.  She is super with it.  Super obedient and super hardworking.  She has the confidence of all the members and many times appears to be the Senior companion because she actually speaks a bit more than I do in the lessons.  She teaches with great power and authority and literally talks to every person we pass on the street.  She is a wonderful missionary and wonderful example to me.  I was so pleased. 

P-day with my darling new companion Sister Lopez
As we adjust to each other's teaching styles and get a work system down together we will have tons of success here.  Her only problem is she doesn't leave the investigators tons of time to speak, but getting the investigators to speak a lot in the lessons and to ask them good questions that get them thinking is one of the hardest things in the mission, something all of us need to improve.  Already though the spirit has been super strong in our lessons.  Cute thing works so hard I have to remind her that we do eventually have to return home in the evening.  I am super excited to be a part of the work here. 
I am especially grateful for her example in talking to all people at all times.  Even though I have 5 months now, I still get nervous to speak to people in the street or in the bus or whatever sometimes because well I'm human and we fear rejection and we fear awkward situations.  Now though I really am putting forth more of an effort to speak with as many people as possible each day, because the excitement I had to do so when I left the CCM kind of died out with time.  Even if it is just a quick invitation in the street to come to church this Sunday, we now literally talk to every single person we pass each day and I am enjoying the chance to do so. 
There are only 2 bad things that have happened this week.... #1 so Campana was a poorer area, and Potrerillos is middle class for Honduras I\ would say, although one sector is the poorest of the poor where people have houses the size of our kitchen pantry at home and dirt floors and sweep the house with some weeds tied to a tree branch.  It is a sector of land the government lets the poorest of the poor build their little tin or bamboo huts to have something to live in.  But where my house is they have a bit more money than Campana had.  Some people even have cars.  Anyways I have discovered that I never really ate anything weird like chicken hearts or cow intestines in Campana because those things are SUPER expensive, so people in Campana couldn't afford them.  But here in Potrerillos to have a nice special dinner people sometimes cook those kind of things, and I am anxiously dreading the day that someone might give me that.  And knowing how expensive it is to prepare makes it that much more awful of a situation that I would feel like I have to eat it.  Idk what I'll do, I just pray the day never comes.  There have been so many missionaries here that I imagine the members already know the nortes don't eat things like that... we shall see.  My house has been lived in by missionaries for years and years and years.  There is a little metal rack to hang clothes on that all the missionaries that have lived there have signed and it is pretty cool. 
My house is pretty cute.  We even have a big backyard with some coconuts growing.  There is a brick wall to the side of the house that is pretty hilarious.  
Oh I almost forgot to say #2.... Here I shower with a bucket.... I was afraid that day would come, ha ha ha.  We shall see if we can do something about that...
Cool experience we had this week was when we were contacting one morning and a lady just super nice invited us to sit in front of her house with her.  She was feeling lonely that day and having some health problems with her back and so we just shared a quick message about the atonement of Jesus Christ and that He really loves her and understand all her pains and this lady broke into tears the spirit was so strong.  We have had lots of good experiences as we do our contacting in the mornings.  I may feel so inadequate sometimes and like I really don't know what I'm doing.  I look at how little experience my companion and I have but how each day we really just try our best and work as much as we can and really Heavenly Father does the rest and we really have had some beautiful experiences.  And it doesn't matter how many people want to join us or if they share our values and beliefs, everyone needs to know that there is a God, that He loves us and wants us to return to Him someday.  I am so grateful to be a missionary and grateful for so much that I am learning in just a few days here.  Wish me luck!
Love you all! 
Hermana Johnson

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