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Happy Month of March! - March 3, 2014

Since you've all been so curious about how one celebrates their birthday in Honduras... Hermana Nena who is destined for the celestial kingdom, has a son whose birthday is the 25.  So we went to his party on Tuesday.... being a missionary at a party is probably one of the most awkward things that can happen to a missionary... people invite us because they love us and we go because we love them and want to show our support, but there's pretty much nothing whatsoever we can do to participate. We can't dance, we can't stay for long playing games.  All we can really do is sit there and eat their treats and watch people do all the things we would love to do but can't because we are missionaries.... ha ha ha.   
Hermana Nena's  son Naldo always goes on visits with us, so we wanted to help his mom plan his surprise party to say thanks.   We used some of the birthday decorations that mom sent and blew up balloons.  Hermana Nena made a huge tres leches cake that Naldo and I picked, that was so, so delicious, so I figured that was my birthday too that I would share it with Naldo.  But Oh No!  Hermana Nena called us up the next day on my birthday to come back for another dinner and made another cake just for me and wrote happy birthday Sister Johnson on it and everything!!  Hermana Nena is so so sweet!  It also is really nice that she makes cakes for a living so that worked in my favor for a great birthday.  I myself had even forgotten it was my birthday until we got to Hermana Nena's for dinner.  Every day is the same thing for a missionary, but for me Hermana Nena made it very special!  
Hermana Nena's (left) beautiful and delicious birthday cake she made just for me!
A close-up of my personalized birthday cake!  Could Hermana Nena be any sweeter?
When we got home I opened all my gifts from my sweet family.  I loved the markers and stickers for letters and my planner.   I loved the sweet Golden Gate Bridge shirt Molly picked. I loved all the treats of course, I loved the new makeup and 5 million watches.  I only needed one my goodness.  The headbands are so cute.   There was so much I know I'm forgetting to mention it all.  Thanks so, so much.  My companion bought me a cute purple bracelet.  She is so sweet.  I hope we can have one more change together.  She is so strong too as I told you last week, she converted to the church when she was only 10 years old with her older sister who was 14, and they had to walk an hour and a half every Sunday just to go to church.  Her dad converted just this past year, and her mom still isn't a member, and still she was so willing and desiring to be a missionary.  Wow! 
My cute companion, Hermana Lopez, decorated our apartment for my birthday celebration!

It's starting to get pretty hot these days, but all is well because Mauricio always comes to church.  Jose and Glenda finally found someone to help Jose obtain a divorce from his previous wife so he and Glenda can get married.  Divorce and marriages here are really hard because it is so darn expensive so people just live together.  Also, Hermana Lopez and I are teaching the mission prep class in our ward now because there's no one else to do it.  I really enjoy it because there are some golden teenagers here.  Our ward mission leader is fabulous. His name is Fernando and he works super hard and is so responsible, which is unfortunately rare in 18 year old teenage boys.

Also, even though I am 20 years old and I'm a missionary in Honduras not even I can escape the dread of the science fair as Elise would be happy to know! ha ha ha  We helped two investigators do their science project on Saturday because we had a visit scheduled, but they hadn't finished their homework, so we offered to help.  We put the board all cute together with lots of glitter and cutouts and everything.  I was so sticky and covered in glitter when we finished... it certainly reminded me of my younger school days.

Anyway... I love you all very very much and really just want to tell you how wonderful it is to have you all as my family.  The people in our families help us grow and become who we need to become.   Of all the souls in all the universe, the members of our family were specifically chosen for us.  Perhaps our family is imperfect or has hurt our feelings in the past, but man has no right to separate that which God has put together. As the forever wise philosopher Tim Gunn would say,  MAKE IT WORK!

I love you!  Happy month of March.  See you all this time next year : )

Hermana Johnson

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