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Happy Birthday - February 24, 2014

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  You are so sweet and thoughtful!  And yes I got two packages from you people this week.  My companion and I and many citizens of Potrerillos are enjoying all the goodies.  I haven´t opened the wrapped things just yet, so this Wednesday I suppose I´ll decide whether to thank you or not.  JK You people send tooooo much!  Thanks for loving me so darn much though.  I have received all 3 of the birthday cards as of this week.  Oh my goodness I am so rich.  $75 US is a toooooon of money here.  But tell mom not to worry so much.  Knowing her she already has packages planned for St. Patrick´s and Easter and the 4th of July.  I feel so guilty.  
Things are going great here in Potrerillos.  And the members take fabulous care of us.  They are angels.  The sweetest of all is Hermana Nena, who when Hermana Lopez was sick for a few days accompanied us to the doctor and then insisted to pay for the prescriptions and everything.  She is at our beck and call for whatever we need.  My goodness that woman is on track for celestial glory. Very good people here.  Her son Naldo is turning 18 tomorrow and accompanies us in visits sometimes.  He is a crazy soccer fan and plays too... I suppose the Honduran version of Hunter ha ha jk.  Since Naldo´s birthday is the day before mine we will do some celebrating together at their house.
Made a fresh batch of homemade tortillas with Martita and Maria
My companion, Hermana Lopez, is really great.  She is so strong in the gospel!  She was baptized when she was 10 years old with her 14 year old sister and just the two of them walked to church an hour and a half away every Sunday!  Her dad recently converted to the church and her mom still isn´t a member.  It is quite an amazing story.

In other news... The baptism of Emerson yesterday was really nice.  He insisted on being baptized on a Sunday.  He has a bone disorder of some sort so he doesn´t really have good use of his arms or hands, but he just loves coming to church.  I love that all people can feel welcome and have a place in the Lord´s church.  But as usual, there is always a lot of stress with baptisms.  We went to visit on Wednesday to review the baptismal interview questions with him and schedule a day for the elders to come interview him and for some reason he wasn´t home!  So we tried calling but his phone had broken.  We said ok, we´ll try again Friday.  So Friday we went to his house to look for him because we had no way to contact him to schedule a visit... the problems we face in Honduras ha ha.  Again, he wasn´t home and we had no way to know when we could have the interview so he could get baptized!  His little brother said Emerson had left to go to the Pulperia so we went to the Pulperia and he wasn´t there either.  We looked up and down two other streets and Hermana Lopez says to me, I feel like Emerson is in El Parque and that we need to go right now.  Which was crazy talk because El Parque is very far to walk to from the house of Emerson and we would have to pay a taxi so it would be quite a bummer if he wasn´t there... but if the Spirit tells you something you do it. So immediately we went looking for a taxi and headed off to El Parque and sure enough, there was Emerson just about to leave for his brother´s house in another town.  Oh my goodness.  We caught him just in time and I was so grateful Hermana Lopez listened to her impression or else we might have had to postpone the baptism or something.  But all was well and he got baptized yesterday.  
A wonderful day as we saw Emerson's baptism!
One of my favorite investigators right now is a darling 14 year old boy named Mauricio.  He is just so darn smart and studious and understands the scriptures suuuuuper well.  He started accepting our visits because he has lots of friends who are members and one of them gave us Mauricio as a reference.  But since we have started visiting him he has been so incredibly diligent.  He goes to every church service, every baptism, every activity, always reads his Book of Mormon, and get this... he´s not even baptized yet and goes to seminary every day at 5 in the morning!!!! This kid is too good to be true, and no one in his family goes with him.  Just him all by himself.  He is such a good kid.  I love to visit Mauricio.  He says he feels in his heart that it is all true so we challenged him to pray about March 15 as his day to be baptized.  We will visit him tonight to see what he says.  

I feel the spirit stronger in the lessons than ever before.  I feel like I´m really learning how to let the spirit work through me better each day and often feel like I should promise people certain blessings or share certain experiences, and whoooo it is too great to be a missionary.  My prayers are answered quicker and clearer and stronger than ever in my entire life.  I really don´t want that to end.  
Things are going really wonderfully here in the mission.  I really know that this mission is where I was meant to be called.  It´s strange but many times I feel like the people I teach I have met someplace before.  I suppose it is because before this life we did know each other.  That we promised certain people before we ever came to the earth that we would teach them the gospel, and I have been lucky enough to be worthy to keep that promise.  Hunter, you too have promised certain people so just keep praying to know when it is that they need you.  Love you!  Tell your friends congrats as they get their mission calls.

I am not happy about my birthday.  But I am lucky to be having it in such a special place.  Though my favorite people in the world aren´t with me, we will have eternity to be together so all is well.  
Thank you for you love and support and for always praying for me.  I love you to the moon and back
Hermana Johnson     

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