Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goodbye Campana - February 3, 2014
Don´t worry family, I am back in Puerto Cortes to write this week so I´m back to my regular 2 hours.  whooooo!  Today for lunch we went for smoothies... Let me tell you just how delicious all the fruit here in Honduras is.  Oh my goodness!  I eat papaya and bananas at my house almost every day too.  And it is so cheap compared to America of course.  I can buy a papaya as long as my arm for the equivalent of 2 dollars.  I am going to miss that a lot when I get back to America.  I love all the maracuya and green mangos and avocados and... well I realize I have a lot of photos that need taking now.  The only setback is we don´t have a good cutting knife in our house, so everything we chop open with a butter knife.

Brie enjoying her favorite Honduran snack - green mangos - yum!
Also... I don´t recall if I´ve told you this already.  Here in Campana there is a Catholic church with a big huge bell that when it rings all of Campana can hear it.  Every time  someone dies in Campana (which isn´t that large) they ring the bell.  It has been ringing nonstop all month!  People have been dying left and right.  It rings like 3 times a day at least!  Lots of people have been getting murdered lately... It reminds us that we aren´t in the safest place in the world.  They say it´s the norm for lots of people to die in January.  Idk what´s up with that.

I have no idea where I´m going and I haven´t said goodbye to anybody because, well I really don´t want anyone to know.  I´ll tell the people I am closest with goodbye tomorrow.  I feel like that´s the easiest way to do it.  Also you asked about packages... They should come next week.  None of my packages have ever come opened or like someone tried to open them.  They come with all their contents pretty intact.  I´ve had two letters come opened but nothing wrong with packages. 

This week a couple we are teaching had to go to San Pedro and ran out of time to study and they felt So BAD.  They were like on the verge of tears.  The minute we walked in the door we didn´t even say anything they just said hermanas we are so sorry we haven´t studied!  We feel so horrible!  Please give us a second chance and went straightaway to reading right then and there.  We didn´t even say a word and they were so distressed.  It is a MASSIVE change.  This is a couple that a few weeks ago was hitting each other and chasing each other around the house with knives, and now are serious scriptorians.  They talk to each other now with so much love and seem so much happier.  They at first glance seemed rough around the edges but they are big teddy bears inside and really have changed.  I am very, very concerned about them though, because last week the wife was saying how she knew that every once and a while the missionaries get switched and new ones come, and she said she´s never felt comfortable with any other missionaries only with us.  She told us that if one of us get switched her husband won´t be baptized.... ughhhhhh.  I´m not really sure what to do as I have to tell her tomorrow that I´m leaving.  We just have to pray that I can talk her into letting the new sister into her house.   They have changed SO MUCH I can´t even explain it.  It is truly miraculous.  I will really miss this darling family. 

Enjoying some crab soup at a member's home - not bad for a girl who wasn't much of a seafood fan before her mission

In other news... I guess I´m partially ready for a new area too for the opportunity to start fresh, but we´ll see whether that´d be a blessing or a curse.  JK all the mission is a blessing, sometimes you have to do a little working to get to the blessing part.  I am very grateful to be a representative of Christ in these last days.  More than any other theme, I am learning the most about repentance.  It was never really anything that I thought about much before the mission because I´ve never had a super huge sin that I needed to rid myself of, but really all of us are imperfect and even if our imperfections aren´t that big, they are still imperfections and we must constantly be seeking to be better.  When we confess to God our imperfections and ask His help to cure them, only then can we truly overcome them and feel the love of our Savior for us as we strive to become more like Him.  The more I rely on Christ the easier those changes become.  I must seek to repent myself if I expect that from others. 
I love you all so much and hope all is well in Highland!  Thanks for all the support and love you always send my way.

Love Hermana Johnson


  1. Hi Sis, you have been out a year now. WOOHOO!!! What a great way to spend your Birthday-celebrating one year left, LOL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    We are all so proud of you Sis. By listening to all your stories we can tell you are a great missionary. We love you so much and hope your BDay is wonderful.

    LOVE YOU, Uncle Dave

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