Thursday, February 6, 2014

Five Months Today! - January 20, 2014
I'm doing well.  Yes today is the 5 month mark of my mission here in Honduras.  It is very odd how time goes by so quickly in the mission.  It is already going to be February soon.  Tell Hunter thanks for his South Beach Christmas card.  That was pretty funny ha ha.  I'm so glad things are going well for him these days. 
Seasons Greetings Hermana Johnson from South Beach!
This week went really well as we had a baptism on Saturday!  Whooooooo!  My first real baptism, and I was lucky enough to be there for the entire process, like from the time we received her as a reference up until the day that she was baptized.  We have become such good friends with her and her family.  I think we shall see more baptisms with them in the future.  On Saturday before the baptism we went to her house to make a special lunch of fried fish with tostenes (where you fry plantains, mash them into a flat pancake form and fry them again).  It is Hermana Reyes's favorite food from home and our investigator loves fish so that's what we made for the baptismal lunch.  It was pretty good actually.  Although I literally have a big bruise on my right palm from smashing plantains with a metal cup for an hour.  Our investigator is learning to be a hairdresser, so I let her practice on me.   Don't worry she did a pretty good job, I shall send a pic.  It is much shorter now but much healthier.  I was so shocked when she cut so much off, but I can still put it in a top knot so I don't care.  It's less to take care of and it turned out well. 
Brie getting her first haircut in Honduras
The baptism was really great as her mom came, her cousin that she lives with had to work unfortunately.  Lots of people came.  It almost didn't happen as she didn't decide she wanted to be baptized until the night before.  We visited her every single day this week to resolve her doubts and questions, and everything magically worked out.  The Spirit truly does all the converting, because when I think back on what I did I can't recall saying or doing anything particularly marvelous.  Heavenly Father really prepares His children to accept His message, we just have to show up.  Of course we study and prepare every day to help, but only the Spirit changes the hearts of the people.  My words do not cause the earth to shake or fire to descend from the heavens, but the Holy Ghost shakes the hearts of those we teach and lights a fire within them to want to be a part of the happiness we have only through the gospel.
Baptism day!

Confirmation Day!
Yesterday a boy in our ward received his mission call to Puerto Rico.  It reminded me of the day I first got my call.  Whooooo, that was a long time ago.  Those were ugly days just sitting there waiting for it to come.  I would never want to relive that part ever again.  My how times have changed!  Yesterday we ate so much I nearly barfed.  A massive late lunch and 2 big dinners and one other sister wanted to give us dinner but we said we had to run to another appointment to avoid dying from a 20 tortilla induced heart attack.  Today all I ate was an ice cream cone as Monday I let my belly rest a while from expanding like a pregnant lady.  I'm going to get stretch marks I swear. 
Sorry if that last comment was a little too worldly.  I still have much to improve and learn from.  It is possible that I could stay in Campana one change more but I highly doubt it.  But we shall find out on Feb. 3... I'm fine with whatever happens.  I love hearing about all the missionaries from home.  It is so wonderful to hear about all the service being done across the world.  I shall be praying for Grandma that she can have a quick recovery.  Keep me posted on that.  Tell her I love her very much and will write soon. 
I liked the thought mom sent.  I am just so lucky to have her around!  It has been cooler this week thank heavens.  It has been fabulous weather.  And it only rained once during the night so our water didn't even get shut off once this week.  Whooooooooo.  That was good news.  
Other ways that I have changed in the past 5 months.... I now eat chile or hot sauce with just about everything.  It makes it so much more flavorful.  I think I'll probably bring like 10 bottles home with me.  I'm better with budgeting.  I have a lot more patience.  I am bilingual.  I can cook (and clean) like a Hondureña and Dominicana.  I have a lot more freckles.  I know a lot more scriptures.  I care much more about others and know better how to love and serve them.  I teach the gospel more clearly.  I have more love and appreciation for our Savior Jesus Christ.  I have more humility and am more grateful for what I have.  I have even more love for all my family and friends.  More optimism, more faith.  A greater knowledge of just how inadequate I am.... idk if I even spelled that right ha ha I am forgetting English.
I love you all so much.
Much love,
Hermana Johnson    

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  1. Congratulations on the baptism! That makes all of the hard work worth it. We love what you have learned in the past 5 months. Keep up the good work.