Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cobra - No Way! - January 13, 2014

Wow, there is a lot of stuff happening these days.  I can hardly keep up!  Please tell Nana hi for me and that I love her very much!  As for the package... I would like to request more probiotics... 3 months worth please... anddddddd one of the secret cocobutter deodorants because it is my favorite and it costs a fortune here $9 US for just one!!!  And then I will be set for quite some time.  Thank you very much!  I am looking forward to Dad's postcard also as it is from my favorite place in the world.

This week I got the cutest Christmas letter from my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Park.  She is so thoughtful!  Yes the Griffiths wrote me a while ago so I was finally responding to that.  I get quite behind.  I'm so happy for Quinci!  I know she must be nervous but she'll be a fabulous companion and a fabulous missionary of course.  

Weird thing happened earlier this week when we were off to our visits for Monday night and we usually never take members with us on our Monday night visits because it is usually just with members that live close by to have family home evening... anyway my companion was like I feel we should take Nora with us in our visits.  And I was like ok, that's fine because we passed by her house on the way to our first visit but it was just kind of odd.  But on our way to the second visit with Nora with us it was dark so we were just walking along and Nora says hey there's a snake!  And sure enough there was a big black cobra that neither me or Hermana Reyes saw coming right by my feet.  I thought it was just a branch, but no such luck.... we took of running pretty darn fast, thankfully no one got bitten but if Nora hadn't had come I feel like I might not have been so lucky.  I was very grateful to my companion for acting on her feeling to invite Nora even though you know it wasn't such a big deal for the lessons we taught, it definitely ended up being a big deal for reasons we couldn't have imagined.  It is definitely important to act on all our impressions because we often don't understand why beforehand but it's critical for our spiritual and sometimes even physical well being.
Brie doing her laundry in the backyard pila.  No washing machines here!

Uncle Dan is pretty fly to go all the way to England for Uncle Paul.  That's pretty darn neat actually.  I will pray lots for Hunter and his decision of when to serve his mission... though in my personal opinion I still feel it would be wise for him to go to college one or 2 semesters beforehand but it is of course his decision that he needs to pray lots for.  I think of him lots and this decision I know is coming up pretty fast.  Please let me know when he starts receiving answers back from colleges about his applications.  

This week hopefully we will finally see a baptism... we have been having problems in that our investigator has been drinking coffee still and this week when we taught about keeping the sabbath day holy she freaked out a bit.  Here a ton of people work what is called the cuatro por cuatro schedule.  As in they work four days straight then have four days off.  that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of!  It is a big struggle for us when we are trying to get people to go to church.  This week she has had a goal to start studying at the university and working her dream job also which just happens to be 4 for 4.  So as we talked about keeping the sabbath day holy and that if she looks for work elsewhere she'll be so much more blessed... well she says she has been praying for so long to have specifically this job and that God will understand if she can't always come to church.  She promises to study the scriptures even more her 4 days of rest, but yeah... she was fighting against that one.  It is the first time she hasn't been like 100% receptive as she's always saying that makes sense yeah I'll do it.  sooooooo this Tuesday we will try to get her to commit to living the sabbath day.  I feel for her.... because you know as she says her desires aren't bad.  She wants to work her dream job and study at the university which are wonderful things, but it is about being obedient and putting the Lord's will before our own and he will always give us a greater happiness than what we earlier could've imagined... I know that's true. A matter of good, better, best. awwwww *sigh* I hope we don't lose her for this.  Any advice you would like to offer would be great, because really she has a testimony and studies the gospel so well.  She pretty much already lives the gospel standards, but leaving the world behind where we are most comfortable is definitely not a walk in the park.  Learning to make the Lord's will our own is a life long struggle we all face.  But it's the best decision we can make.

Well... I love you all very, very much!  I hope everything is well at home in this new year

Love Hermana Johnson

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