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Happy New Year - January 6, 2014
Sorry about the whole internet not working thing... that´s a bummer.  Hope that can get fixed soon.  For next week could you please send me the addresses of Sis Frischknect and Uncle Paul so I can send them thank yous.  I am always behind in my letter writing here.  There is never enough time to get everything done!  And in my mission we come home early at like 8 or 8:30 since it is a bit sketchy here... Idk how those poor US missionaries do it when they get home at 10 and only have 1 hour to write each week and all that.  I suppose it´s fair though since they get cars and laundry machines and... well I don´t feel too bad for them ha ha. 
The next changes are Feb. 5 so it would be good to send the package really whenever you´d like now.  Since it´ll take 4 weeks to get here if you sent it today it already wouldn´t arrive until after changes... so any day is fine.  I´ll just keep brainstorming of anything else I need.  Don´t send the good walking sandals still.  I´ll wait on those... just the flip flops please.  Please let Grandma know that I got her package.  Tell her thanks so, so much!  I especially liked those graham crackers with chocolate and peanut butter inside and the caramels too.  I love, love, love my new pillowcase!  It is already on my bed looking beautiful. 
Also your Mother Goose package arrived with the Calendar!  That is so fabulous, I have seen other missionaries with one like that from their families and I was jealous ha ha.  but no more!  Although I don´t look so cute in all of those pics, doesn´t matter because I get to see my family and that´s what´s most important.  You included all my favorite places and marked everyone´s birthday and it is really a fabulous gift.  Thanks so much!     
I wish the holidays would end... they are still going on since it is Dia de los Reyes today.  This is getting ridiculous. JK Things went so surprisingly well for Christmas... but apparently for Sister Reyes New Years is a bigger deal for her family so all day the 31st she was so sad.  She would just talk and talk about all the things her family would be doing and what she would be missing, I got so tired of it, she wanted me to stay up with her to watch the fireworks as we had permission to do so from our front porch, but I just went to bed at like 9:30 and told her to wake me up at midnight so she could go outside to see the fireworks.  I just kind of wanted to forget it was New Years all together.  We did have a dinner of chips and salsa with tuna fish sandwiches ha ha which is very classy for Honduras.  But she is still sad because today is Dia de los Reyes and since her family is Familia Reyes, they always make a big celebration on that day.
This week lots of really good things happened and funny things too.  Every Friday we eat lunch with the Familia Zelaya and they have a goat named Copito that is like their pet and they just love him.  They just found him abandoned one day when he was just a baby and they raised him up.  When they went to their relatives in San Pedro for Christmas, they brought the goat with them.  Hermana Reyes for some reason is very afraid of this goat and so when she gets all freaked out it spooks the goat too and so Friday the goat came up and nudged her and was nibbling on her backpack because that´s what goats do... the week before it tried to eat my skirt... but anyways it scared her so bad she was trying to push it away and it kept coming back so she got up and ran to the door and the goat ran after her and was trying to head butt her.  It was so funny.  Don´t worry the goat is too old and just has little nubs for horns so it couldn´t really do much damage, but it was pretty funny.  The Familia Zelaya says they plan on buying a girl goat to have little goat babies with Copito so that they can eat goat.  But they say they´ll never eat Copito, only his children.  ha ha

Anyways... in other news... Anyeli was supposed to get baptized this Saturday.  She was so ready!  She studies the scriptures hard core every time we visit.  The Book of Mormon and the Bible and marks it and has questions... Last time we taught the word of wisdom and she was like oh but I love coffee and we explained why we shouldn´t drink coffee and asked if she was willing to do it and she said yes and we promised to bring her alternatives to coffee like hot chocolate etc. ha ha and we also explained the law of chastity and she was like, well that´s easy I already am doing that.  And we were so excited!  Then for some reason she didn´t come to church on Sunday... and she has to be at church the Sunday before the baptism so we plan on just moving it to the next Saturday.  She really is ready.  She is so darling.  She´ll be such a wonderful example to her mom and her cousin that she lives with.  We will go visit her tomorrow to see what´s up...
We have a inactive member who we have started visiting and her husband who is not a member (they say husband and wife but really no one here is actually married, they just live together and no one ever gets married...)  and this inactive member has a darling little 6 year old girl from another boyfriend named Jade.  This woman lived in the US for 18 months at one point to be able to earn enough money to buy a nice house for herself here in Honduras.  She worked as a house maid and I feel so terrible for how rude people were to her there.  It makes me embarrassed for my country.  She talked about one lady in particular who had a whole room in her house just as a bedroom for her dogs.  And that this lady was crazy and just went around getting her hair done and lying around all day and the dogs could just do whatever and she would have to clean it all up.  She said the lady would speak really slowed down English and treat her like she was an idiot, and she said she´d just smile and nod and say she understood when she really didn´t speak any English at all.  She said after the lady would explain everything she wanted her to clean, she would call her friend and tell her the words she remembered and her friend had cleaned the lady´s house before so could tell her what the lady wanted.  Then she´d work all day long without really eating much most days so she could be independent and have a house of her own and take care of herself in Honduras.  And sure enough she did.  She was just so shocked by how people could have bedrooms just for dogs and be so greedy when all she has here is a little 3 room house.  And she always always always gives us food when we come and she is a good cook too.  She always lets us practice our tortilla making skills with her too ha ha.  She looks kind of rough around the edge when you first meet her because she has her tattoos and just says what she wants to say, she is so sassy, but she really is a big softie and takes care of her family really well.  I hope that she can start coming back to the church real soon and that her husband can get baptized and little girl too someday in the future, as right now she is only 6.  I really like their family.

People really are progressing these days finally.  Though actually it almost becomes more stressful as people let you into their live more and more ha ha.  Last night I couldn´t hardly fall asleep I was thinking about two investigators and all the other people we visit all the time and how are we going to help them and when are we going to visit them and when they don´t keep their promises how can we make it all ok and wow.  That is a good sign though.  Maybe I´m actually finally doing my job right.  ha ha  But really it is such a great thing to be a missionary.  I feel like I have come a long way though I have much more to improve still.  My Spanish is doing much better, and I have made lots of wonderful relationships here. 
Please tell Nana and Broc happy birthday for me.  Maybe by June they´ll have bday cards from me ha ha.  Tell them both I love them very much and really was thinking about them this week. 
Have lots of fun starting back up with school and work and everything.  I love you all so, so much!  I am so, so grateful for the wonderful friends and family I have been so blessed with. 

Love, Hermana Johnson

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  1. Hi Brie, I enjoyed reading your update. Shelley and Kyle were over playing cards and she said to say 'hi'. Hope all goes well and that the baptism went through!