Monday, December 23, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos! - December 9, 2013

I really am just so, so excited for cambios this Wednesday, and I feel pretty good about it, so we´ll just wait and see what happens.  They don't tell us until tonight.  This week was really up and down.  We got to see the baptism of Axel from the Familia Calderon on Saturday and that was super, super special.  They actually requested to have us sing a song in English so Hermana Cifuentes, me, Gardner and Bahr sang that song, I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain... it was wonderful!  Not due to our voices but that a lot of people came, including nonmember friends of the family to start teaching.  The spirit was so strong.  We even had an investigator come who is 19 and has already come to church 3 times so she is really on the track for baptism already.  She is darling.  It actually reminded me of my own baptism somehow.  A very peaceful day.
So happy to hear about Hanna and Quincy.  Tell them congrats!  Also I am quite proud of Miss Molly to go talk to Jane's little sister.  I hope she is doing alright.  That's really rough to be only 4 years old.  How strange!  I hope Molly is feeling better herself.
This week had some really high highs and really low lows.  Each day I understand more the line [Listos, siempre listos, meaning ready always ready, from the Spanish version of called to serve. Missionaries just have to be ready and willing for anything that comes their way.  One visit everything can be going super awesome and everyone's keeping their promises and is happy, and the next visit the world is falling apart. This work and this life is only possible with God.  He knows us and He leads us and guides us each and every day.
I don't know that I've written you before about the buses here.  They are pretty sweet. That is how we get everywhere.  They just drive by every 5 minutes or so and you just hop on and say your stop and somehow the guy who stands at the door collecting all the money always remembers where everyone needs to go.  It is a pretty fun way to travel, though if you easily get nausea I wouldn't recommend it.  The world is your highway really.  If you feel like traffic is too slow, feel free to drive a bit on the sidewalk or through a nearby park or beach.  As long as you get to your stops all is well. And the buses usually are blasting rap or hip hop music, so once upon a time the missionaries asked the last president what to do when there's music or something like that that can't be avoided, as buses are the only way to really get around cheaply.  According to Pres. Veirs who was before Pres. Dester... if you can't avoid it, enjoy it.  So this morning on the way to Puerto Cortes to eat Wendy's and write our families, we were rocking out on the bus singing Black Eyed Peas and Akon. ha ha ha.  I love PDAYSSSSSS.  Very much like a top notch missionary no?  Don't worry, that is the first and only time I will be singing rap in public during my missionary days.  I just couldn't help it.  It has been so long.
I got some pretty lovely letters from Hunter, Mom and Elise and Sister Frischknect also!  It was excellent to hear from you all. 
I realize now there are actually a lot of people that I am friends with here that I have never actually talked about.  Some of my favorite HondureƱos are of course Familia Lizardo and Familia Calderon.  Then there's Juan who is 14 and is a recent convert.  He lives with his Grandma who isn't able to attend church as it is hard for her to walk all the way.  I love their family.  They are super cool, and Juan is super funny.  And he always reads all the scriptures we leave him.  He is one of my favorite people to visit because it doesn't feel like missionaries and investigadors, it just feels like friends getting together though we still are talking about the gospel of course.  And Juan has a little brother who we just gave a Book of Mormon to, and hopefully my new companion and I can teach him the lessons and baptize him too now.  Juan also has two twin girl cousins who have the most power house Beyonce voices even though they are only 7 years old.  They go to the evangelist church and always sing hymns from there for us. It is so cool. They are awesome.

Also Hermana Mercedes gives me really good tamales sometimes so that makes me happy, and we help her make tortillas FROM SCRATCH. As in all parts of the process we have helped, starting with getting the dried out corn kernals off the corn to make the tortillas with.  I really can't wait to teach you people how to make tortillas.
I love you all and hope all is well and you're enjoying your holiday season!  Peace and Blessings!
Hermana Johnson

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