Monday, December 23, 2013

Hola Familia! - December 2, 2013
Yes it is quite shocking to me that it is already December, but pretty much all my days are the same here so there's no real way to tell when it is Halloween or Valentine's day or whatever.  Though I am quite looking forward to having a day to celebrate Christmas in the mission.  I can't believe my mother sent me a Christmas tree! She totally would, always going above and beyond for her children!  Really though, you people need not be so extravagant!  It hasn't arrived still, no packages yet, but I will keep you posted on that. 
To answer dad's questions.... Since arriving here I know my Spanish has gotten better.  I understand most of what is said though still not 100%, and I definitely do not get slang at all.  I definitely still have much to improve.  But with time all will be well.  In terms of praying for our investigators... it is actually a rule that we aren't supposed to ask for specific prayers or fasts from people at home for our investigators.  I am not sure why that is...
This week was very special as we got to see the 8 year old son of one of less active members who has returned to the church have a baptism.  The mom and her younger kids started returning to the church with Hermana Cifuentes and her previous companion.  Since we have been working with them, all the older children have returned as well, and one has a daughter age 8 who was also baptized Saturday.  The husband even came to the baptism and has come to church for the past 2 weeks.  They are just so much happier now.  The difference is clear in their faces as now they are always smiling and uplifting others now as well.  Their daughter has a boyfriend who she plans to marry, and we'll be going to visit them this week.  The baptism of two people was such a happy day for everyone.  Next Saturday we will see Axel from Familia Calderon be baptized.  It will be an excellent way for Hermana Cifuentes to finish up her mission.
I'm glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  Glad you enjoyed your Black Friday shopping even more than your Thanksgiving.  You people are too funny.  We celebrated Thanksgiving here by going to a nearby member's little restaurant to eat fried chicken and tajadas.  It was actually a pretty darn good way to celebrate.  Not turkey, but close enough.
The weather here this week has been absolutely fabulous... London like in fact.  Nice and cool and lots of rain.  I actually even used my jacket one morning.  I was so shocked.  The only bad thing is that that means my shower is a bit more freezing than usual.  Eeeek.  Probably some of the shorter showers I have taken in my lifetime, but I'll take it for the coolness during the day. 
Two girls we have been talking to weren't home again this week so we shall see if we can catch them this week. I found out that it is pretty much already certain that I will stay here in Campana so only my companion will change.  They said it is extremely rare for them to send 2 new missionaries to an area, unless they are opening an area. They always keep one who knows the area and since that would be me as Hermana Cifuentes is going home, I will stay put.  I am not sure whether I will be training or not now.  Rumor is something changed in the number of sisters coming in December, and now only 1 will arrive, so I don't really have a clue who my companion will be or if she is new or old.  Hmmmmm.... I think I would like one more change as the younger companion but I'm up for anything. 
I love you all so much!  Thank you so, so much for your constant love and support
Hermana Johnson

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