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Happy Thanksgiving - November 26, 2013
Hola Familia! 
To be honest, I forget when holidays and things are going to be happening unless another gringo tells me.  Time passes pretty quickly and all the days blur together.  Thanksgiving will just be a normal day for us.  I am not surprised at all that you people still don't know what you are doing for thanksgiving.,. ha ha sounds like my family.
The three days in the house weren't so terrible... I was pretty bored but I needed time to write letters anyways so that was good to be able to do.  I also made a ton of lesson outlines to try to brainstorm different teaching methods.  I tried to be productive.  This time is not my own.  It is God's and there'll be time to rest in Feb of 2015.  But we did spend a lot of time watching Disney movies and enjoying the package the Hays sent me.  Thanks so much to them!  It couldn't have come at a better time.  No other packages came this week.
Glad you got to have lunch with Kristy and that Mindy is doing well.  Yeah, me and Kristy got to talk last week so that was fun.  I do love hearing about all the other kids out on missions and how they are doing. 
Two of our new investigators weren't there this week when we went to visit, so hopefully in the upcoming days they will be there and we can drop by.  We did go to church on Sunday but all of Honduras only had sacrament meeting so church was only for one hour and then we were back in the house.
I really enjoyed your Thanksgiving quotes.  The only thing I would wish for is that I could look out my window and see snow falling.  awwww I just love the winter when it is all cold and cozy.  That I do miss about this time of year, but I've gotten used to the heat now and all is well.
I really do love my mission president and his wife.  They remind me of my own mom and dad.  Hermana Dester is just so concerned for everyone's health and wellbeing, and we can call to speak with her whenever we need anything.  She is so kind and just worried about everybody else all the time and just thanks us so much for our service whenever she sees us.  Very uplifting.  Caring as my own mother.  President Dester is a bit nerdy as my father is.  Worried about being businesslike and proper with his speech, but always trying to do what is right and always trying to help his missionaries.  He studies the scriptures long and hard and looks for divine inspiration for all his decisions and to help to lead and guide us.  President and Hermana Dester even look a bit like my own parents, or perhaps I have been gone from home too long.
On Friday we had a multi-zone conference with President Dester which was really great.  One of the things I especially liked was when we studied Moses 1 and my personal favorite D&C 6.  We talked about how when Moses spoke with God face to face, God told him he loved him and had a special work for him to do.  He calls Moses "blessed," his "beloved," and his son.  That our Heavenly Father always uses such loving language to lift us up and excite us to keep moving forward.  The same with Oliver Cowdery in D&C 6 when the Lord says, "blessed art thou..."  In contrast Satan refers to Moses in this chapter as Son of Man, and his language may promise things of the world but is to drag us down and forget our potential, never to lift us up.  Our God without end is willing to speak with each and every one of us and does all he does for us.  He likes it when we ask questions that He may illuminate our minds from there.  It was just a detail I had overlooked, but truly anytime our Heavenly Father speaks to us it is with great love, to uplift us and show us that which we can become, though it is only through Him that our fullest potential can be reached.  
I love you all very much and hope all is well for you this week!  Happy, happy Thanksgiving
Hermana Johnson 

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