Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hola Familia - November 11, 2013
Some fun facts... if you ever wondered if the people from Tom's shoes really do give shoes to people in other countries, yes they do.  I saw all the kids wearing the exact same pair of black shoes all the time so I asked my comp what's up with that? And she's like oh those are the Tom's they give out at the school.  Like every kid from elementary to high school has a pair of black Tom's here... I felt so dumb that I hadn't paid attention enough to realize they were Tom's since they all have that little logo on the back of them.  duh.  But yes, Mr. Tom is a man of his word.
Other items of business.... don't send gum here.  It literally melts into mush in only 2 to 3 days.  So weird, but yeah, don't send that.  The rope shoes I have don't do well here either.  It is so wet they are forever muddy and just rot.   I don't need socks or clothes or anything like that.   Also, please don't kill me mother, but the holes in my ears for earrings have closed up.  I don't know how that happened, maybe the heat???? I only went one week without and couldn't get them through, and now they are completely gone, like you can tell where the piercing was but yeah... whoops.                          
I got your Halloween package on Tuesday!  Thanks so, so much!  We decorated the apartment and my comp absolutely loved that.   I gave out the rings and teeth to some little kids and they just thought that was the greatest thing.  Good thinking mama, I'll send you some picks of that.  I loved the cereal and pasta roni and everything.  I actually eat a ton of ramen here because it is really cheap and we don't have a lot of money.  It is like being a college student.

For Christmas, anything you send me would be wonderful.  Really don't send a lot.  Just a card from everyone would be enough for me. And I'm thinking you should probably mail it around Nov. 24 for it to get here for Christmas. It takes about 4 weeks for things to get here.  I found out also, that they don't bring mail around the week before changes so I won't be getting any mail tomorrow, so anytime you send anything I have at least 1 week to enjoy it, so all is well on that front.  But really don't mail anything for like 2 weeks...  Tell Grandma I've been getting her mail, like  4 or 5 letters and a postcard from her, as when she wrote she seemed very concerned that I wasn't getting things.  One more thing for my Christmas package... a new lufa please.  Of course if I forget anything else  my birthday is right around the corner ha ha, and then after that you don't have to mail me another package until next christmas.   
I got the packet you sent of Hunter's football program and such.  Some of the other sisters at the zone meeting saw it and thought he was so handsome.  They were like, whoa that's your brother!  Then they asked to see pics of all my family so I showed the one of us at the airport before I left and the ones Molly sent me of herself (I keep pics of all you people in my scriptures) and they thought she was so pretty.  They thought my family was gorgeous.  whooooooooooo whooo.   Hermana Cifuentes goes around telling people how cute my brother is.... that's a little awkward...  anyways, it was good to see that things are going well for him this year.  I'm so happy for your success lil brother!  
This week was actually really, really bad.  It rained all week so we couldn't visit the people we were supposed to visit up on the mountain because we can't go up there in the rain...... Also Hermana Cifuentes is sick with Dengue fever, so she didn't have much energy to walk far.  We didn't know that's what she had the first two days, but then it just got worse and worse so we called the nurse and Hermana Cifuentes has been instructed to stay at home a few days... So yesterday we had divisions with some youth in the ward so I went out with them and Karol stayed at the house with Hermana Cifuentes so we could have a few visits. Our only new investigator called to say she doesn't want our visits anymore, idk what happened there since our first 2 visits were so wonderful, talking about families and all.   Boooooo.  Then we have a family who is not doing well economically so it is very hard for them to give up working on Sundays to go to church. Their business is making hammocks, so we helped them make hammocks so they could go to church. Yes I now know how to make a hammock, and we were just having a great time and they really were just saying they felt our love for them and appreciated us so much  and were so excited to go to church.  Then we show up Sunday morning to go to church and they say, sorry we don't have time.  Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... I am slowly not becoming a fan of this whole agency thing.  I hate this because we were having such a great relationship but they just won't go to church so we might have to drop them soon.  I really felt like finally they were going to come back to the church (another set of missionaries previously visited them and they had had a baptismal date and everything and were so ready and the pastor from their previous church persuaded them to stop meeting with the missionaries).  So I feel like we have done everything we can do.
I'm rather bummed about Bishop Cooper.  He's the greatest.  This week has been hard as some of the people we teach have been telling us of their challenges in life.  I know the gospel can help all people. Christ knows us perfectly and suffers through all our pains with us. This I know.                                

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