Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall Greetings from Honduras - November 4, 2013
We do not have daylight savings here actually... time pretty much doesn´t exist.  As in no one in Honduras is ever on time or punctual or whatever.  This actually drives me crazy.  Like for visits when we are on time no one is ever there.  Pretty much we just make a list of people we are going to visit that day and then we get there when we get there.  We might say see you Thursday at 3, but that really just means, we will show up at some point on Thursday because no one is ever punctual.  ha ha ha  I worry about this aspect of the mission for when I get home... that I will never be on time myself.  Yet some how miraculously all the members show up for church on time... usually early!  Opposite of the US where we are usually on time for all our meetings but always like 10 minutes late to church ha ha ha
My bed is fine, and having a pillow is great.  The weather here has cooled down a lot the past week or so. It rains almost every day now, and I just love it.  I think winter will be easy to survive.  It doesn´t really cool down that much at night.  It is still pretty hot most of the time.  The only bad thing about rain is that it is typically hottest right before it rains... boooooo.  I think it will get cool and stay cool now though as it is becoming winter.  Like 70 to 80.  My body has definitely adjusted though.  Yesterday was fast Sunday and I was able to survive without water.  The first fast Sunday I had to drink water because I worried I would pass out as it was so hot, but now my body is already adjusting.  My health is just fine thanks.  I´m doing well in that regard which is awesome.
Glad you figured out the pics.  Sorry about that. The three kids you are asking about... Karol is the only Lizardo.  She is 16.  Jamie is from another family in the ward too.  She and her brothers were baptized a couple months ago and she is 12.  Fran is 18 and working on his mission papers to go soon himself.  He accompanies us every Saturday and Sunday in our visits to practice being a missionary. 
And good news we got to move to a new house!  and it is actually pretty cute.  I will send pics of it soon.  Although moving everything in our house was a pain.  We had to do it all alone, so Hermana Cifuentes called 2 kids in the ward to help and it was of course Karol and Jamie´s brother Marvin to help us move.  Thankfully it was just the apartment directly above us that is a little nicer with more space and a little newer.  Idk how people do it when they have to actually move far.  We had to do everything just the 4 of us... fridge, microwave, beds...
Please wait to send the package until like the last week of Nov. cuz I really do not want to get it just before transfers. It is super hard to take everything with me on the bus by myself and having a package would be just about impossible.  And we can´t tell the couple missionaries to hold things for another week... they just don´t do that.  Please send me a little wallet, like the kind Hunter uses, and a new waterbottle... one where the top is covered somehow so bugs and things don´t get on the part you drink out of.  I really don´t need a lot of stuff.  We can buy just about anything down here.  Food is nice to get of course since there are treats I can´t buy here ha ha.  But wait until like Nov. 17 or later to mail things for Christmas.  Thanks so much!  Really don´t feel the need to mail me packages.  You don´t need to send something every month.  Just getting letters from people is the greatest.
Loved seeing everyone´s Halloween costumes!  So so darling!  Or I should say Elise´s was darling and Hunter´s was quite a treat for the eyes.  ha ha ha.  I didn´t do anything for Halloween.  It was just another regular day.  Except for the Monday before when we ate at Wendy´s and there were Halloween decorations inside since it´s from America ha ha.

My transition to Honduras is going pretty well thanks.  I don´t feel all nervous and antsy about every little thing anymore.  We haven´t had much success here in finding new investigators.  Everyone likes talking about Christ, but no one will go to church... The only progressing investigator we had is having problems with the law of chastity, so if you look at our stats for the week, we look pretty bad.  But our visits to all the non-actives have been really wonderful.  This of course doesn´t really show in the stats but it is so important to visit them as well.  We have familia who we have been visiting.  They had been preparing to go to the temple but the bishop and a previous missionary in the area told them they weren´t ready and were a bit unkind about it so they stopped going to church.  Since we´ve been visiting them they have started coming to church again, are reading their scriptures and having family prayer every night and all their sons who want to be missionaries one day.   The most special event was this past Sunday when their brand new baby was presented to the ward and got a baby blessing and they are once again strong in the church and will be able to go to the temple in December!  Seeing this change and rekindling of the gospel in their lives is a great blessing to me.  And a great reminder that numbers don´t matter in the mission.  Numbers can help us know maybe what we need to focus more or less on, but the most important is just inviting others unto Christ and trying to have the spirit enough in their homes that when we leave they think, I´d like to feel that way again.  It´s a big job.  One I am definitely inadequate for, especially when I still can´t speak the language sufficiently and can´t understand what others are saying.  Every person is so precious to Him when I make a mistake with the language or explaining something not clearly enough I just want to kick myself, but for some reason He wants me here.  He called me here and so I can do it.
I love you all very much!  Please also send my 4 generation genealogy chart... I can´t spell anymore sorry.,,.
Hermana Johnson       

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