Monday, October 21, 2013

Two Months on the Mission - October 21, 2013
Hola everyone!  Yes I have officially been a missionary for 2 months and it has actually been pretty fast.  Now I just have to repeat what I just did 8 more times... that sounds like a while.... ha ha ha.  It´ll be better when I get to the 3 month mark and then I just have to do that 5 more times.  I have been doing much better this week healthwise.  It´s hard here to be healthy because we aren´t allowed to eat most of the produce as it isn´t cleaned properly or has different germs or idk... and we never eat it at people´s houses of course.  So like one day this week this lady gave me a giant plate of food and it was a huge mountain of spaghetti, white rice, and plantains.  ha ha ha it is just so many carbs every meal it is really hard to stay healthy.  Most missionaries gain weight in this mission apparently.  But I eat a lot of yogurt and nuts and fruit from the grocery store that is safe and that we can clean really well.  I eat cereal every single day... healthy gronola type stuff to try to stay healthy.  And then of course we drink soda whenever we are at people´s houses because we can´t drink the water so I fear cavities greatly but all should be well.  Things I would love to have from home... Graham crackers, nutella, poptarts, crystallite, trail mix and almonds, vitamin c packets, instant breakfast, fruit snacks and gummy bears, dried fruit.... is that enough of a list for now?  For Christmas I would like some new mascara please.  Don´t send lots of packages because it is so darn expensive I feel so guilty and I really don´t need anything.  Don´t worry about so much.  I haven´t eaten anything weird yet... it´s usually just plain stuff like rice, chicken, tajadas, idk how to spell that.  Tajadas are so, so good.  They are fried plantains so they taste like french fries but almost better.  mmmmmmm.  I will make them for you when I get home
I also have probably made like three hundred tortillas here... We are always looking for opportunities to serve and there are always moms cooking and they like help with their tortillas... and I´m actually better at it than my Guatemalan companion ha ha ha.  The Lizardo Family always lets us borrow their daughters to go to appointments with us, so once a week we help them with their tortillas to say thank you.  ha ha ha. 

Idk when we will move.  Don´t worry my fan is perfectly safe I promise, it´s just funny to look at.  My companion goes home I think around Dec. 10.  We have changes Nov. 10ish but they don´t tell us if we are changing companions or areas until the Monday before, and then two days later on Wednesday you switch if you need to switch.  So the longest I would be here is until Dec. 10, but I may change in Nov.  I don´t know.  To go to places you take the local buses, so when I switch I just hop on a bus with all my luggage with whoever else in my area has changes and we all go to a stake center in San Pedro Sula to find out our new assignments.  You have to take everything all by yourself though so I actually wish I had only 2 suitcases instead of 2 suitcases and a carryon and a backpack as that can be a challenge.... a lot of missionaries have broken suitcases here because of the bad roads.  My companion has to get a new one before she goes home, so I hope the ones I have now can last me my mission.  It is such a pain.  I have no help so please don´t send me a lot of stuff.  sorry.  oh and do send me a conference Ensign in English and Spanish for Christmas.  thanks! if that is possible...

Molly´s costume is looking good.  I hope she gets better real soon.  And tell her thanks for my letter.  It came this past week.  She would die to see all the knockoffs here.  Literally every store is knockoffs, and most of it is like obviously fake, but some of it is really good, so I already know what I´ll be bringing home for you people in 18 months ha ha.  They have all brands too, lots of fake Chanel, Michael Kors, Polo, even the grocery stores have it.  ha ha. 

Tell Sister Dobson thanks for the tip about calmoseptine... idk how to spell that.  I use it for mosquito bites actually and it works magic.  Though I don´t have many bites anymore.  That problem is already fading. 

Glad to hear about Hunter´s date.  ha ha ha.  Though I´m disappointed he didn´t wear the pink minnie ears.  Tell him best of luck on the ACT this week.  He is going to do fabulous and I shall be praying for him. 

Things that happened this week... I saw pretty much every creature under the sun.  3 HUGE tarantulas this week.  2 alive 1 dead.  They come out at night.  So we were walking across a bridge to go to a members house and the bridge was just dirty full of trash and lichi peels (this spiky red fruit that everyone eats here, they are actually pretty good)  so it was dark and I walked past this thing thinking it was just a rock or trash and my foot was literally like an inch from this creature, and then I realized it was a massive tarantula, like as big as a dinner plate and I yelped and booked it with my companion for like thirty feet to the end of the bridge as I realized what it was.  God really is looking out for me as he saved me from this massive tarantula.  I really almost just walked into this thing.  ack, I am always afraid one is going to come in the house, but so far only geckos live in our house.  They are so funny, they make surprising loud noises like birds ha ha.  I also have seen 2 snakes, lots of frogs in the night, a monkey which bit one of the daughters in the Lizardo family so I hope she is alright, and a horse giving birth.  It is animal week this week.  I used to only use my flashlight sometimes as there are streetlights that make it bright enough to see most things, but I use the flashlight to be able to see everything clearly now... like snakes and tarantulas as those come out during the night and are very abundant in our area. 

Soccer is massive here of course.  We aren´t even allowed to leave the apartment during games.  We have to stay in because people just go crazy fighting in the streets and setting off bombs it is craziness.  Especially with Honduras going to Mundial now.  ha ha ha you guys should watch the game to tell me how it goes

Most people in our area are less actives so it is a lot of getting people to get excited to go to church again.  Like one lady we met was baptized 18 years ago and hasn´t been to church.  It is crazy.  Every house you go to... ¨Hi we´re the missionaries¨and they are like öh yeah I was baptized like 5 years, or 10 years or 18 years ago.  I love your message come by anytime.  But they just don´t want to go to church.... hmmmmm

We are still teaching Hermana Iris who lives up on the mountain and now the rest of her family too. Her daughter Carla is a teenager like 15ish and is so darling. always asking questions and wanting to know more, even though she is pretty shy.  It is hard to get up to them with the games and we can´t go up the mountain if it is raining so we´ve only visited 3 times now, but I hope we can go soon so they can progress towards baptism. 

And get this... because close to us everyone is less active and we have no one with a baptism date, we went with all the ward missionaries to contact a different town yesterday.  We just knocked on doors for 2 hours and it was so successful.  One man we met was born in Honduras, but has lived in the US the past 20 years and now is back in Honduras as he divorced his American wife.  He spoke English with me, it was so odd.  But he told us he feels we were sent from God to teach him.  That this is the message he has been waiting for his whole life, and he just is so excited to read the Book of Mormon, so I am so excited to visit again tomorrow and perhaps very soon we will have a baptism.  His wife was a Mormon he said but that she never talked about the church with him.  His name is Marcos.  And we found many other new investigators here so I feel like finally we can have some progressing investigators.  I am so excited!  

I love you all so much!  I hope you are doing well and thank you so much for your prayers for me.  They really are working believe me. 

Love Hermana Johnson 

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  1. You're on your way girl to becoming a great missionary! So glad that you are feeling better. Life is definitely an adventure. I don't know if I could handle the tarantula deal. They totally freak me out. Good thing the Lord is on your side. Keep up the good work!