Sunday, October 13, 2013

Final E-mail from Mexico City MTC
Wow, I cannot believe 6 weeks have already passed by and that I'm off to be a real missionary.... eeeek.  I leave the MTC tomorrow morning at 6 and my flight is at 11.  I'm flying Aeromexico.  The flight is a little over 2 hours so not too bad.  I'm so looking forward to meeting my new companion and district, though I am so sad to leave my district here and my sweet companion Hermana Gardner.  I'll get to fly with her to Honduras though and we'll get to meet up at General Conference.  We've already made a deal that if there's ever a San Pedro Sula emple we will go to the open house together. 
Ok, yes, don't send any packages or anything just yet.  I will go find out the address and get back to you next week.  I'll have you know that I always read through everyone's email.  I do not care if you write to me about Taylor Swift... all mail is welcome from the people I love, and I love knowing what's going on with you and that you are all well. 
I'm so glad Molly is doing well with soccer and Hunter with football.  Hunter is a good example. I am so extremely nervous for my next companion.  This is something that worries me to no end.  If I could ask you all to pray for but one thing, that would be it. 
Sorry that kid cut his head open on the pool.  That is so awful!  I hope he's alright now.  And thanks for the scripture you shared, Dad.  I frantically try to memorize as many scripture references as possible every day.  I wish I had done this more before I left.... Chispas.  Also will you let me know if you get my letters so I know they got there.  I've sent 2.  Also tell Sister Hays thank you for her letter.  And tell Hunter to please sign up for the ACT very soon.  He must take the October one so sign up ASAP... December one if the date has already passed for October sign up.  (but try to do the October one since BYU accepts that as the latest time to take it)  Buena suerte, let me know if you have questions.  And have him start on his college applications RIGHT NOW.  BYU's is due by like Nov. 1 or something... much earlier than others.  So he only has a month to jump on that. 
This week Brother Cates (idk how he spells his last name) the MTC director gave a super awesome devotional.  He introduced us to the 14th article of faith which goes something as follows... "We believe in gatherings, meetings, and sitting for long periods of time... We hope for meetings, we pray for meetings, our rearends have endured many meetings, and hope to endure all meetings""  ha ha ha  But really there are a lot of meetings in our church, but they are all for our benefit and learning I suppose.  He also emphasized the importance of preparation as a missionary.  He wrote that just as a heart surgeon must study for many, many years to be able to perform well, we as missionaries are about to spiritually operate on hearts and so we must stay busy and stay focused.  We must be anxious to study hard each and every morning.  Man's extremity is God's opportunity.  You must walk to the edge of the cliff as that is where you can launch off to fly.  There is real risk and fear here at the edge, but this is where prophets walk and talk and where Jesus always was.  Cast out doubt and cast every thought on Christ.  Think of what you can be and what you can do through Christ.  Brother Cates is the coolest.  His talk was awesome!!
My other favorite quote of the week is from David A. Bednar who said, "Just as in Relief Society women take casseroles to those who are sick or going through a difficult time, missionaries are taking a spiritual casserole to the world."  ha ha ha
I love you all so, so much, and I'll let you know all about Honduras very, very soon :)  Muchas gracias for all your love and support!  I can feel your prayers each and every day.
Love, Hermana Johnson


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