Sunday, October 13, 2013

Adios to Mexico City
Oh my word... I cannot believe I am already going to be heading out to Honduras.  I am actually pretty darn sad to leave my district behind.  I may just cry my eyes out.  I do not like this having to leave each other just as you become good buddies.  Oh well.  I already have plans to hang out with some of my district as we all will be going to school at BYU or UVU so we can hang out real soon.   ha ha aka slightly less than 17 months.  I still don't actually know when my flight leaves.  If you serve in the US you know your flight before you even come to the MTC, but for us international missionaries... I won't even know when my flight leaves until Friday even though it could very well be this Saturday or Sunday.  And most unfortunate little missionaries leave in the middle of the night for their missions... even if your flight is like at 10, you have to leave at like 3 in the morning because they like to take all the missionaries to the airport at once and some might have flights at like 6 while others not until 12.  oh well.  I just hate finding out about it so darn late.  I shall start packing today just in case.... That is one thing that sucks about missionary life.  No head's up about anything, you just do it and love it.  ha ha ha
I'd like to thank you all for all the mail I got this week.  I got letters from Hunter, Elise, Chris and Jeff, Nana, Dad and Grandma Kent.  It was so wonderful.  I felt so, so loved!  I definitely love letters more than emails, unless it is some big important news of course.  It is just because with letters I have all the time I want to read them and write back or whatever, but with emails I have only 1 hour to read them all and send back so it gets just a little stressful sometimes.  I always feel so guilty that I can't write everyone as much as they all deserve. 
So Hunter is the big hottie on campus these days??? I am not surprised.  ha ha ha  this is just too good.  I wish I could've been there to witness and help out with him answering back!  And Molly seems to be doing well too.  I'm glad she is having a fun time at school with all of Hunter's buddies.  Thanks so much for telling me about the season of ANTM that I AM MISSING little sister.... ack.  Please do not speak of all the TV and music and pop culture that I am missing out on.  It makes me all antsy.  It really is good for me to not be watching TV ever, but we really are starved for entertainment here.  Idk what I've talked about or not talked about... I just can't remember... so sorry if I've already mentioned it, but every Sunday night here we get to watch a church movie and as much as I would've shunned the thought at home, here it isn't absolutely horrible.  They are so cheesy, everyone just laughs the entire time.  It is splendid.  A good break from our busy weeks.  
I am uber bummed about missing Alec and Julie's farewells.  Actually I've met two boys here who when I said I was from Highland, asked if I knew Julie Watkins, and I was just like WOW, that just happened.  ha ha ha.  One kid from AF, Elder Conover, told me he had gone to AF, and I said oh my brother is the kicker there, and he was like whoa! He's so good.  And I was so so proud of my little brother.  What an athelete!
This week was just so great.  We get to play volleyball every morning and go to the tienda like 2 or 3 times a day.  ha ha ha.  The tienda is a little shop where you can buy treats or little missionary items or garments and we love trying all the mexican food.  Like they have doritos and fritos and american seeming things... but they are all in special mexico flavors.  Yum yum yum.  Nacho Doritos Mexico style are now my all time favorite.  We have got to get these in America.  Also everyone loves Choquis... idk if I spelled that right, which are chocolate chip cookies at the tienda which are fab.  You can even buy ties at the tienda, so our district got a tie for each of our two teachers.  They are both from Mexico and actually went to this school when it was a high school so that was so neat.  They love it as an MTC.  Lots of missionaries here also came here as high school students, and they all say there was always a special spirit here but now it is just even so much grander.  I am glad as I always felt guilty that we were taking away such a great school from people.  I am also glad that I can communicate with latinos sufficiently to have figured that out.  Chispas.  One of our teachers just got engaged, and he told us it was his girlfriend's birthday so we asked if we could sing to her on the phone.  So he made a video of us singing happy birthday and showed it to her when he got home, and he said she was so touched she cried.  ha ha ha he is so nice.  He says Wow really funny in his Mexican accent but only when something really cool or spiritual happens so we try to get him to say WOW as much as possible.  *though it sounds more like VOw.. ha ha  Their names are Hermana Salvador and Osorio.  They teach in the morning, and we have a third teacher in the afternoon, Hermana Young, who served her mission in Chile.  She is very nice.  She only got back like one year ago so she's pretty young.  We love our teachers.
My favorite story I heard this week was during a devotional they showed of Richard G. Scott.  He talked all about personal revelation to Oliver Cowdery in D&C 6, 8 and 9 so I was all ears because D&C 6 is my favorite scripture of course.  He talked about the importance of gratitude.  He told of a ward in Guatemala that saved for years to be able to attend the temple.  And once they were able to go one woman after the veil part kneeled down in front of the entrance to the celestial room for like 20 minutes just praying and crying.  One of the temple workers asked her what was wrong or if she needed help and she said, "Oh yes please help me.  I've been trying to thank my Heavenly Father for all my blessings, and I just don't think I'm doing a sufficient job, could you please help me?"  She was so, so incredibly humble.  This week I felt so inadequate as I watched other people teach lessons far superior than when I taught.  I can not express myself in Spanish as I can in English obviously so I am trying so hard to get from just being able to state facts to get to be able to say like analogies and personal stories.  Ack it is so hard.  But it was a good reminder that I need to be humble and realize how inadequate I am, but that with God I can accomplish what is needed of me.  I love you so, so much!  Hope you are all doing wonderfully!
Love, Hermana Johnson  

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