Sunday, September 15, 2013

E-mail from Second Week at Mexico City MTC

Hola Family!
Yes, this MTC is the greatest MTC and Pdays are my favorite days because I just get to relax for a little while.  That's not very righteous of me.  ha ha  I also think Sundays are great, as it is the one time our teachers speak English, and I get to learn to strengthen my own testimony in the things I will be teaching. 
Here at the MTC we have la tienda where you can buy anything you may need as a missionary.  and if they don't have it you can order it, so like I asked them to buy me a new suitcase and I'll go pick it up later today.  I just hope it's big enough, yikes. 
Slowly the food here becomes more and more American.  Although everything has some sort of Mexicana twist to it.  For example, one day there was alfredo pasta and I was so, so excited, and then it tasted so sweet and I couldn't figure it out.  Well here they put pineapple in their alfredo apparently, and it was still good, I was just so surprised.  The food really is pretty good though even though it can seem really odd.  I love trying it all.  :) 
I shall watch for Sister Dillman for Jann.  Elder Harding's friend was nice, I just felt really bad for her because her call was changed like 3 times.  First she was called English to Oregon, then it got switched to Spanish, then it got switched to Kansas in Spanish, and the date was moved back like 3 times.  Apparently this same thing happened to a group of 10 sisters.  They said Dallin H. Oakes personally called them on the telephone to switch their calls to Kansas and apologize.  They just had to many missionaries in the same area and couldn't take care of them all.  That would have sucked so horribly.
I'm so excited Hunter is doing so well in football!  Whooooo little brother!  You natural born athlete!  I'm so excited to get your letters!  None have gotten to me yet though.  We found out it takes about 3 weeks for mail to get here.  One elder in my district just got a letter from his mom yesterday which she wrote 5 days before he ever left.  So yeah, 3 weeks. 
The weather here is prime!  It is 70 degrees most of the time.  During the day it can get up to 80s.  And it rains really hard every single day, just for like half hour to an hour.  Usually around dinnertime.  I love it!  I hope Honduras can be like this in the wintertime. 
My typical day... I get up at 6:30 and have to be to class by 7 so I only have like 15 or 20 minutes to get all ready.  Then we have personal study where we study the scriptures or whatever until 7:45.  Then breakfast (oh and fun fact.  On Fast Sunday we learned fast is ayuno, and breakfast is desayunar, so even in Spanish desayunar literally means to break the fast like in English. weird)  Then we go have Spanish class from our teachers from Mexico until lunch at 12:15.  Then an American lady who served her mission in Chile teaches us more Spanish.  Then we teach pretend investigadors, and study as companions.  Then dinner.  More personal and companion study and practicing Spanish in a computer lab.  Then personal and companionship planning at 9 and we get to go home at 9:30 where we then finally get to shower or do whatever we need to before bed which is at 10:30 at the latest.  Though we try to go to bed as early as possible usually by 10.  We are so exhausted every single day.  That's why Pdays are so awesome. You just chill around, and every other week we get to go to the temple, so it's just a really peaceful, still learning by the spirit, kind of day. 
Oh and sorry, every morning after breakfast we get to have 45 minutes of exercise and, of course, we take turns choosing what to do as companions.  One of my companions likes to hard core work out in the gym, while Hermana Barnes and me like to go play volleyball or soccer or something fun.  Today we have a volleyball game against another district because it is Pday and we can do whatever we want.  Whoooooo!  Oh and everyone wears basketball shorts... boys and girls.  They told us the day we got here that was great, and I was like gee thanks for letting us in on that one.  But oh well, it's great now.  I'm so glad I brought some.  There's laundry machines here so all is well.  I will do that later today. 
The only thing I need is my camera cord that plugs into the computer so I can download pictures for you.  ha ha I'm so dumb I'm just so used to laptops where you can just shove your SD card in that I didn't even bother thinking about a cord.  lo siento.  I'll borrow someone else's cord next week hopefully. 
I hope Molly and Hunter are enjoying school.  Tell Dad not too work to hard.  and happy birthday to Mom!  I sent you a birthday card, so hopefully it gets there someday... I love you very much!  My favorite thing I learned this week was in a devotional by D. Todd Christofferson.  Devotionals are every Tuesday and Sunday, just old ones from Provo, because apostles don't come out to other MTCs all that often.  He talked about how we leave on our missions deeply indebted to the Lord for all he has done for us, and then feel that by serving a mission we are in a way paying Him back.  I always thought that made sense, but then Elder Christofferson said that was wrong.  We come home even more deeply indebted because Christ has allowed us the privilege of wearing His name on our chests and allowed to stand side by side with Him and His apostles in bringing the gospel to the world.  He allows us to do that most sacred thing. It is as if He is allowing us to carry the fine china and crystal of His kingdom as He allows us imperfect beings to hold that which is most precious.  I thought that was so well put.  I hope to carry that which is most sacred with honor and that I can please God by loving and teaching His other children. 
Love you all very, very much!  I'll talk to you again real soon!

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