Tuesday, September 17, 2013

E-mail from Fourth Week at Mexico City MTC

Hola familia,
Everything is going pretty well in Mexico!  Sorry the internet was down all morning, and just got back up an hour ago.  I feel like this may be a common occurrence here in Latin America... anyways yes my suitcase is great for me so don't worry about it.  It will work just fine thanks.  And the temple was really good.  It's all in Spanish of course, but I understand most of it because so many of the words are just repeated over and over.  But it is really good practice and it was so cool to sit with my district, all my good buddies, in the temple.  I love my district and I am so sad we aren't all serving together forever.  The MTC president's wife calls it the "garden of eden" pattern.  That you leave your home where you are all comfortable and happy, and are thrust into the lone and dreary wilderness of the MTC.  Then as you finally figure your way around the MTC and have become good friends with your district and are happy there, you are thrust into the lone and dreary wilderness of the mission field.  And then over and over again this pattern happens with transfers.  And I was like geez... this is not such an easy way of life.  I couldn't put up with this for always.  But we do, and it is necessary for us to grow and become better and experience true joy. 
That's cool you got to go to that interview thing with missionaries.  Missionaries are just the greatest.  It's just a fact.  The days are super long... but it's still really great.  Pdays are the most awesome things ever.  Today all morning we just went to breakfast and then took a nap for 2 hours.  It was so wonderful.  and after I'm done writing you I'm going to go play soccer with my district.  whooooo!!!!
Oh and this week was super cool because we got to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.  We actually had a party at the MTC.  I was so shocked.  Saturday night we had a big cultural night where all these dancers from different parts of Mexico came and performed, and then some girl who is apparently a singer here... It was so cool!  I was like almost wishing Mexico was my mission.  We got to learn the Mexican national anthem and everything.  It's a pretty good one.  Look it up on youtube.  You could hear people partying outside the MTC walls all weekend.  Like the national anthem was blasted nonstop every day, but we love it because it is MUSIC.  They even had pyrotechnics in the show.  Wow.  We of course couldn't dance or anything but we just sat there and cheered and sang.  Oh.. it was so nice to let loose.  The missionary life it an uptight one.  I just need one dance party... that is all I want.  On Sunday we got to watch the Grito on the big screen in the gym.  It was even at 11 at night and they let us stay up to watch it.  Whoa.  So shocking.  Usually we go home at 930 and have to be in bed no later than 1030.  Yes, but the Grito was on actual independence day, and it is kind of like watching the ball drop in times square on New Years in the US.  There's a massive crowd, and the president of Mexico comes out at 11 and rings a bell and waves the flag of Mexico and then everyone shouts VIVA like 20 times as he does this.  It was very fun.  You could probably look it up on Youtube as well. 
The Mexican missionaries here are so much fun.  They are so funny and so nice.  Elder Martinez is our favorite, and he has already left since they only stay for 2 weeks here.  He would speak in Spanish but in an American accent to make fun of us.  Ha ha ha it was too funny.  I wish I could record it for you.  Also, some of them know a little bit of English from school, so there's one Mexican elder here who with his companion share a room with two of our elders so they've become good friends.  And this Mexican missionary quotes the latest batman movie all the time.  Like he'll say in English in his Mexican accent, "What will break first?  Your spirit or your body?" or the other one "You think the darkness is your ally?  I was born in the dark"  ha ha ha ha  it is so so funny.  And some of them even know about Nacho Libre, and they like think it is funny too and they will quote it for us ha ha ha.  I wish you could hear it.  Mexico is the greatest.
No one else in my district goes to BYU... And I will never be so starved for entertainment that I will ask you to buy me a mormontab CD, so you just keep on waiting for that one.  The Stanford kid is so, so funny.  Like he isn't trying to be, he just speaks with such a calculating, proper voice it is hilarious.  He is so, so smart I can't even handle it.  We are all great friends in our district.  It really is like a new family.  I probably will cry when we have to all go our seperate ways. 
I never got sick, I have been able to stay healthy, healthy, healthy.  I am so pleased of course.  I am so happy for Hunter in football!  That is great! I'd love to see the article when it comes out about him.  The fact that he and Brennan were photographers for homecoming is too funny.  I laughed for like 10 minutes.  They even took it to the girls houses and everything?  Wow.  Ava is too funny.  She is so bold ha ha. 
I'm glad to hear everything is well!  I'm so happy for all of you, and I think of you and pray for you every day.  I love you so, so much!  I am learning so much every day.  I don't know that I'll ever feel fully prepared to be a missionary.  But I can't wait to get started!  Love you
Hermana Johnson

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  1. Brie - It sounds like your mission is going great, a new experience for sure. We are praying for you. Love - The Tom's