Sunday, September 1, 2013

E-mail after First Week at Mexico City MTC

Dear Family,
Thank you so much for your e-mails and all the updates!  I am sorry I haven't figured out how to upload pictures on these computers yet, but I'll make sure to do so next week.  I'm so excited Hunter got to play football!!!! whoooooo!  congrats little brother.  Also thank you for crying for me.  I mean I'm sorry you're sad we're not together, and so am I, but it makes me feel so loved :)  Don't worry I'm not struggling with homesickness or anything.  I'm glad dad was able to get some news with the mission president.  That's very assuring.  Oh and I should let you know my Pdays here at the MTC (CCM in español) are Tuesdays, and I will try to write in the morning around 8.30 my time... our little secret.  Sorry this is a Spanish keyboard so my writing is kind of jumbled since I am still learning how to use it. 
The CCM is so great!  The teachers here are angels, and the whole gift of tongues thing really is real.  Like I remember so much from high school Spanish and more, that if you had tried to quiz me on when I received my call, I would've never remembered in a thousand years.  Not that I'm fluent, but learning comes much easier nowadays.  I love my district.  They are so kind and fun... it seems like I've been here much longer than a week... The saying here though is that the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days.  And it's true!  We go to class all day long.  Like by noon I start counting down when I can go back to sleep. 
The food here is almost all Mexican, but they leave out cereal every single meal for the picky American eaters.  Really though all the food has been good.  They had the best tamales ever here.  Some people in my district have never had tamales before, so they tried to eat the big leaf they wrap the tamale in.  Ha ha ha, silly Americans.  But like once or twice a week there are popsicles and those are so good!  And for some reason they never ever melt... or just take forever.  You can leave it on your plate while you eat your whole lunch and its still like it just came out of the freezer.  We get so excited for things like popsicles.  ha ha ha, it makes me realize just how blessed I am in the US.  Missionaries don't have a lot, so we just get so excited about the littlest things.   
I am in a trio companionship.  They aren't super common here, but lo que sea.  I like it because we have more to talk about or it's just nice to get to know more people.  They are nice girls, one from California, Sister Gardner, and one from Utah, Sister Barnes.  
No packages allowed here, except for emergencies.  I found out because their post office is like 2 hours away in a dangerous part of town, so they don't go much.  They are trying to get a new mail system down.  When I get to Honduras though you can send me a package... I would love some peppermint tea and peanutbutter por favor.  Only my first day has been hard... because I totally got sick and barfed at the Mexico City airport.  I was so embarrassed.  Then my wheels broke off of one of my suitcases... I'm not sure how so I'm trying to figure that out.  At worst, they always sell luggage at airports so I could switch out there, and then that night the mosquitos ate me.  Yep, so day one I was like, maybe I can't do this after all.  But every day gets better and better and I really am enjoying myself and meeting so many nice people.  Most people hate their first or second week, so I'm lucky I've only had one bad day so far.  ha ha ha, I hope you aren't too worried now.  Really the CCM is prime and I'd much rather be here than Provo.  All the Mexican missionaries come here too, so we get to practice a lot with natives. 
I love you all very much.  And if you do get sad enough to listen to a korean song, my favorite would be 1000 years by shinee, look up the live performance on youtube.  I guess because the words to the song mean... I don't know how to tell you I love you, but all I can say is if I had a thousand years I'd always spend it by your side.  Great right?  Well I love you all very, very much!  I will talk to you again in a week!  All my love,
Hermana Johnson


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  3. Brie we love and miss you. To comment on your blog we are going to use Broc's gmail account. So it may say Broc posted but I bet you will be able to tell by what we post if we posted it or Broc posted it!!! LOL
    Hope you are doing well. I am glad I figured out how to post on your blog!!!